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May Gardening Jobs


Late frost


Temperatures are starting to rise but there can still be frosts in some areas. Keep an eye on your local weather forecasts, and remember to protect any plants which need help such as hanging baskets and early blossoms on fruit trees and fruit bushes. Some good techniques are to wrap the pot in bubble wrap and wrap plenty of layers of horticultural fleece around the top parts of your plants, being careful not to damage more fragile varieties. Loosely secure using string or garden twine, being careful not to squash or suffocate your plants.


Healthy lawn


Your lawn should be starting to flourish by now, time to get the mower out. Depending on your lawn, you may need to start mowing on a weekly basis. Ideally lawn should be rolled before cutting to iron out any winter frost heave and checked for stone etc that could damage the mower blades and become a missile. The first cut should always be a light top trim. Then trim the edges with a half moon edging tool to keep a neat appearance. Lawn weed and feed can be applied to bring the lawn to condition.


Dandelion Flower


Weeds which have sprouted through your paths, drives or paving can be tackled with a weedkiller designed especially for that purpose. Perennial weeds such as dandelions will re-grow from the roots if you only remove the leaves. The best way to remove them is to dig out the roots or spray with a weedkiller containing glyphosate.


Tomatoe Plant


Harden off tomatoes gradually outdoors to prepared them for going outside when the risk of frost has passed. If you are opting to keep them indoors, feed and tie them regularly and air the glasshouse on warm days. Cucumber, Squash or Courgette seedlings can also go outside into a warm and dry soil towards the end of the month.


Clematis flower pink


With fresh growth soon appearing on any climbers in your garden, now is the time to provide them with support such as trellis or wire. This is particularly important for twining climbers such as honeysuckle, clematis and wisteria which don't have naturally adhesive pads and grow by wrapping themselves around the support structure. Tying in climbing and rambling roses such that their stems are nearly horizontal will encourage the rose to throw out side shoots which will produce more blooms.


Salad crop


It’s official. Salad season is upon us! Start off May by sowing Beetroot, Lettuce, Watercress, Rocket, Celery and any other salad leaves. Make sure you sow them every few weeks, thus ensuring a constant supply throughout the summer. Remember to water them on a regular basis and if space is limited, Chillies and Sweet Peppers are ideal for growing in containers. As May progresses, you can plant more seeds such as Parsley, Chives, Endive and Radishes.


Blue perennial flowers


Agapanthus, Hemerocallis, Primulas and Water Lilies can be safely divided now ready for new growth. Container grown roses and shrubs can also be safely planted out once the frosts have passed. Spring-flowering shrubs such as Forsythia, Ribes, Pyracantha and Chaenomeles need to be pruned once they have finished flowering.

Strawberry flowers


Early Strawberry plants should be flowering now. Remove any unwanted runners to keep the parent plants growing strong. New shoots on any soft-fruit bushes such as Blackberry need to be tied in and caned for support and cover any soft-fruits in netting to prevent any wildlife pilfering your crops.




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