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February Gardening Jobs




Deadhead and prune any of your winter flowering shrubs and hardier plants, such as Wisteria, Roses, Clematis, Grape Vines, Winter-flowering Pansies and evergreen hedges. Finish winter pruning fruit trees and soft fruits such as Apples, Pears, Currants and Gooseberries. If you have old Yew or Holly hedges in need of a trim the end of February is the time.


Man weeding


Divide any of your congested perennials to encourage healthy growth and start lifting any faded snowdrops replanting spaced further apart to ensure a less congested display next year. On warm days, show your flower beds that you care by giving them a good hoe, removing weeds and breaking up the soils surface ready for planting.




Potted shrubs can suffer in the freezing weather so if you haven’t done so already move them into a greenhouse or provide them with a bit of shelter from the harshest conditions.




Once the ground has warmed up a little give your plants a good mulch. Ensure the ground is weed free first otherwise you’ll be creating the perfect weed-growing environment.




Decide on the seeds you wish to sow annually such as pansies, viola and impatiens. If you have any plants which you would like root cuttings of then now is the time. Take cuttings from young, thick roots and pot them up with the lower end facing down.


Bare root box plants upright


Although it may be cold outside, now is the perfect time to plant that hedge you’ve always wanted. Bare root hedges can be planted as long as the ground isn’t frozen, as can Rhododendrons, Conifers, Roses and a wide range of shrubs and trees.




If you have a pond then clear out any fallen leaves or twigs. Remove any fountains or pumps and give them a good clean. Placing a thin net over the pond will not only reduce the amount of garden debris which falls in the pond but will also help deter any birds or next doors curious cat from stealing your fish!

Preparing soil


February is the time to prepare your veg patch ready for early sowing. Use cloches to warm the soil in preparation for veg such as broad beans, carrots, hardy peas and parsnips. Remember, if snow hits this year, brush it off your trees, shrubs and other plants as much as you can to prevent branches getting damaged.




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