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Open Monday to friday 8.00am - 4.30pm

(To help us to locate your details quickly please quote your order number when enquiring about an existing order.)


Garden Centre

Phone: 01782 502078

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(Our Garden Centre staff have no access to our Online Sales order details, unfortunately they will not be able to answer questions about specific orders when our Online Sales Customer Service Department is closed.)


Tea Room


Phone: 01782 506803

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(Last orders for hot food 3:30pm)


Farm Shop


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Phone: 01782 502741

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(These details are for enquires regarding our amenities landscaping services. If you are a landscaper looking for plants please use the Online Sales/Garden Centre contact details above.


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Just placed an on-line order for plants and was helped by Kirstie (Kirsty?).
Excellent customer service. Answered my many questions and when she wasn't sure, she took time to find out.
If your plants are as good as your on-line staff, we are are on a winner here! And I for one will be back!
Thanks very much.
From the
Private Office of
Hi RA The Count Angelini

£37.99 !!!!!!!!! postage
Please I need help. I have large maple tree ( don’t know what type) in my small / medium size garden. It’s huge 5 metres tall
It’s root system is so clogged I can’t dig any soil around it for about 6 feet either side. Shrubs / plants are struggling to survive around it
I think I need to take it out. It’s been in 20 odd years. Help I don’t know where to begin

Thank you
Totally useless. Have just tried to order to be told that I don’t live on the mainland. Someone needs geography lessons.
Will not be putting in any more orders.

Disappointed! Have just spent an hour browsing lovely plants and selecting over £100 worth shrubs, to find that delivery to my address (Skye) is not possible, and almost £40 delivery charge to my son's address in Inverness. It would be good customer service to provide this upfront in the shopping trolley or home page so as not to waste everyone's time.
I have tried to order plants, but my order has to exceed 10,000,000 to proceed. Does this mean you are not delivering during lockdown?

Came for lunch on 30th January with my friend.She had the meat&pot pie which was so nice,full of meat& not too much pot.She enjoyed it so much and i had the homemade cod fish fingers. Beautiful white fish in a lovely coating.Mouth watering.Then to top it off lovely cheese cake.Thank you for a lovely lunch and a very welcoming atmosphere.Jane Crutchley&Sheila Farmer
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