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Online Ordering Guide | Jacksons Nurseries

Buying plants online might be a completely new concept to you or you may be a seasoned online plant buyer. Whatever your experience of buying plants online is we thought it might be useful to go through the process of how your order is processed when purchasing plants online from Jacksons Nurseries.


Step 1: Visit our website.

If you’re reading this then you’re already well on the way. We offer a massive selection of plants and garden items including tools, outdoor buildings and plant care products, so there's plenty to choose from. To make things easier for you, there are several different ways of finding what you're looking for. The best place to start is our search box which can be found at the top right of every page. If you're not looking for anything in particular you can browse our range of plants by using our category search system. For the latest additions and special promotions, visit our special offers page.


  Buy plants online at Jacksons Nurseries  


Step 2: Fill your cart.

On each product page you should find an ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ button with a quantity option to the left of it; adjust the quantity if you want more than 1 either by typing the quantity or using the plus & minus buttons. If you don’t see an ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ button this usually indicates that a product is currently out of stock. We only class an item as 'out of stock' if we expect to be unable to source an item from one of our preferred suppliers within 30 days otherwise the item is classed as 'in stock' and is available to order, occasional there may be a note on specific products to inform you that there may be a delay in dispatching a particular item. If there is neither an 'Add to Shopping Cart' button or an out of stock notificaton then unfortunately that item is not current available for the foreseeable future.


Buy plants online at Jacksons Nurseries   


Step 3: Checking out.

Once you’ve added all the items you want to purchase to your cart it’s time to check out, you can do this by clicking on the ‘X items for £XX.XX’ then clicking ‘View Cart’ .


Buying plants online at Jacksons Nurseries


You'll then be able to review the contents of your cart, make any amendments such as removing items or adjusting the quantity. You can also check the final postage cost by clicking 'Calculate' and entering your postcode. Remember to click 'Recalculate' if you've made any changes You can also enter a gift cerificate number or promotional code in the box provided. Once you are ready to processed, click the 'Proceed to checkout' button to complete the order.


Cart Contents Screen


Follow the checkout process ensuring that the details you enter are correct especially your email address and telephone number as we will try to contact you if there are any problems with your order such as items being out of stock.

Once you're entered your address details you will be presented with payment options. You can either pay by credit/debit card or PayPal (A - Image Below) or you can complete your order online then pay by telephone with a debit/credit card or via bank transfer/BACS (B - Image Below). If you wish to pay by card over the telephone then please call us at a convenient time to make the payment, please quote your order number which would have been emailed to you when the checkout process was completed. Please be assured that paying online is as secure, if not more so than giving your card details out over the telephone.


Jacksons Nurseries - Payment Options


When paying online you will be transfered to our secure payment gateway provided by SagePay. It is important that during this process you do not use your browser forward or back buttons. Follow the instructions on screen and once your payment has been processed you will be returned to our website. Please wait to be returned to our website before navigating away or closing your browser otherwise we won't receive payment confimration and your order will fail and we won't know to process it.


Jacksons Nurseries - Online Ordering Help


Step 4: What Happens Next

Once an order is received it gets printed off and marked as ‘Processing’ on our system. The order then goes to our gathers who collect all the items on the order from the various areas around out nursery. Your order will usually be gathered 2-3 working days after your order but can be a little longer at peak times.


        Buy plants online at Jacksons Nurseries        


Once gathered the plants are passed to our packaging team ready to be packed. Any issues, such as out of stock items get highlighted and the paperwork returns to the office where we send you an email. Once packed your order will be collected by the courier. Our packers take great care to ensure that plants arrive in the best possible condition, generally plant pots are bagged and taped to cardboard trays which slot into our specially designed boxes. Where necessary a cane is placed into one of the pot to help protect against damage should the box not remain upright. Our boxes all carry a ‘Live Plant’ warning that states that the boxes should remain upright at all times and in the vast majority of cases this is adhered to although very rarely the odd accident does happen. 


Step 5: Great Aftercare

At Jacksons, our interest in your plants goes well beyond the time when you receive them. We have a great aftercare team who are dedicated to ensuring your plants thrive in their new home. As well as having a polite and friendly customer services department, we also have an expert advice team who are happy to solve any problems relating to your garden. Should you have any questions about your plants or their care then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Once you’ve received your order it’s important that any damage to the box is recorded, preferably with photographs. Sometimes it’s not obvious from the box that anything untoward has happened so should you open the box and find the contents appears to have been damaged during transit again if possible take a photograph before continuing unpackaging. In most cases if plants have come out of pots there is usually no lasting damage and will be absolutely fine once planted. Always follow the ‘Live Plant Care’ instructions that are provided with all orders (in the document wallet that includes a copy of your original order invoice). It's usually stuck to the top of the box or sometimes on the packing in the case of some trees.

If you have any concerns about your plants please raise them with us as soon as possible. It’s worth remembering that sometimes when your plants arrive they might be looking a little sorry for themselves, some plants cope with spending time in a box and travelling better than others. In all cases we recommend unpacking your plants as soon as possible and place the whole pot in a bucket of water for at least an hour. Plant them as soon as possible then usually following a good drink and some sunshine you’ll find that they are looking much better! Our nursery is over 600 feet above sea level on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands which makes our plants hardier than most.

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