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Low maintenance plants

Low maintenance plants look good over a long period of time without needing a lot of fussing over. They are not thirsty, needy or prone to insects and diseases, not overly fussy with regards to aspect and soil type, and stand up to the rigours of garden life such as the occasional trampling of children or pets. Whilst low maintenance plants will require little attention and save you time once established, you still need to prepare the soil properly for planting and water until the roots have developed in their new home.

Low maintenance doesn't have to mean boring - the interesting, variegated foliage of Zebra Grass will add texture and movement to the garden; Mahonia Charity provides architectural flair with spikes of scented yellow flowers; Thuja Rhinegold adds a warm golden glow to the front of a border or rockery, taking on rich shades of coppery-gold on the prominent branches. Choose a green ivy such as Hedera Green Ripple and Hedera Hibernica to clamber over fencing and pergolas to create the perfect backdrop for entwining floral climbers, Asters such as Aster Alice Haslam as an unfussy herbaceous perennial with egg yolk centres and daisy-like looks or chives plants for striking spherical heads and a garlic scent.



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