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Fragrant plants

Aromatic and fragrant plants add the wonderful additional ingredient of scent. They enhance the sensory pleasure of the garden and are a pivotal part of planting borders that invoke all the senses. Whilst rose bushes and lavender plants are popular for good reason, there are many other options including Skimmia Rubella with deep purple/rich red tight flower buds during autumn and winter which open to panicles of scented white flowers lasting into the spring, or a wide range of Wisteria plant varieties with an abundance of scented mauve-blue flowers.

Choose Choisya Ternata Sundance for citrus scented, yellow foliage and white blossoms from late winter to early spring, or look no further than Hamamelis Diane for ruby-red flowers with long, ribbon-like petals and a sweet fragrance. Winter Jasmine offers bright yellow fragrant flowers on arching stems which are perfect for training over a trellis or left to scramble over a low wall.





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