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Welcome to the Gardening Help and Advice section of our website. Here you will find a raft of gardening information on a range of topics from gardening basics to specific guidance for particular plants. Whether you’re looking to combat aphids and greenfly, determine the best place to plant a Japanese Maple in your garden or learn how to protect your plants from the winter frost, this is the place to look.

Plant Guides

Guides to different types of plants

Our guides are a great way to get a better understanding of the different types of plants available.

Monthly Gardening Jobs

Monthly Gardening Jobs

Find out what you should be doing in you garden each month with our useful monthly gardening guides.

Grow your own fruit

How to grow your own fruit

Different types of fruit bushes and trees, culinary uses of the fruits, planting advice and gardening care.

Garden Design and Planning

Garden Design and Planning Guides

Ideas on how to best plan out your space, including guide to starting a new garden, plants to attract wildlife and more.

Planting, Growing and Caring Guide

Guides to Planting, Growing & Caring

Our details guides to Planting, Growing and Caring for specific types of plant are a great resource to use.

The Best of Series

The Best of Series

Unsure which are the best varieties of a specific plant to consider. Our Best of Series will help you pick the highest quality plants for your garden.


Christmas Tree Care and FAQs

Our Christmas tree guides cover different types of tree, size guide, care instructions, when to buy and more...

Garden Care & Protection

Garden Care and Protection

Our guides to the various facets of caring for and protecting your garden.

Gardening for Beginners

Gardening for Beginners

The beginning of any gardening adventure is exciting; here to offer a helping hand.

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