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Plants for containers

Versatile, flexible and stylish, container plants provide instant colour and a fantastic way to experiment with different plants and designs. Planters, troughs and tubs are perfect for brightening up walls, fences and patios, helping to utilise all the available space in your garden.

Most plants can be grown in a container but some are better suited than others. For a bold statement use a single architectural plant such as topiary plants, Japanese Maples or a Cordyline such as Cordyline australis on their own in the containers. For a more relaxed, natural look use a mixture of upright plants and trailing plants such as a flowering clematis that will spill from the sides of the container. If 'growing your own' appeals, a wide range of fruit trees and fruit bushes will also thrive in containers.

Choose a large, frost resistant container to provide plenty of room for growth and prevent cracking in cold weather. Add water retaining gel before planting and top-dress with gravel or decorative stone to help the compost stay moist in warm weather and keep the roots cool.



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