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We stock a wide range of seeds including flower seeds, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds and herb seeds for delivery throughout the UK. Orders of seeds only will be sent by first class Royal Mail post (£1.99 P&P), alternatively they may be added to an order of heavier items (e.g. plants, plant care, tools & equipment) at no extra cost. We supply the full range of Unwins branded seeds – all your favourite varieties, as well as some more unusual varieties too. We will be looking to expand our range of seeds over the coming years, so if there is a particular line you think we should sell, please let us know


Flower Seeds

Growing flowers from seed is a great cost-effective way of filling your borders, beds and containers with beautiful blooms. Whether you’re looking for bright or pastel colours and want to create a more formal or cottage garden style display, we’ve got you covered with flower seeds in shades of reds, yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, whites, blues and more! Nectar-rich flowers are a great way to attract beneficial, pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies into the garden and, in fact, we stock the full range of Unwin’s “Nature’s Haven” seeds for exactly this purpose. Our range of “Little Growers” seeds for kids are also a fun and interesting way for your little ones to explore nature and the outdoors. Nurturing flowers from seed to create a fabulous display is a rewarding experience for adults and children alike and provides the opportunity to spend valuable time outdoors, really important for our physical and mental health and wellbeing.


Popular Flower Seeds

Often, the most popular varieties are favoured by so many gardeners for good reason. We’ve collated the most popular types of flower seeds in one place below for ease. These varieties not only produce beautiful flowers, they’re also reliable performers, highly rewarding and easy to grow.


Flower Seeds by Type

Some important considerations when growing flower seeds is how long you want them to last and how well they’ll stand up against frost and cold temperatures. Annuals are plants that last one year, performing their entire life cycle from seed to flower to seed within a single growing season with all roots, stems and leaves of the plant dying annually. Hardy annual seeds will stand up to the cold, meaning they can be sown outdoors straight into the site where you want them to flower. Half hardy annuals must be sown indoors, for example in a greenhouse, and planted out later in the year when the risk of frost has passed. Biennials last for two years, tending to develop a small rosette of leaves in the first year before flowering and producing seeds in the second year. Perennials are plants that survive for many growing seasons. Most perennials are herbaceous, meaning their top growth dies back to the ground each winter but their roots survive and will burst back into life again in the spring. Some plants may behave as an annual or a perennial depending on the local climate and growing conditions.


Vegetable Seeds

Growing and harvesting your own vegetables from seed is immensely rewarding and something every gardener should experience. Nothing tastes better than your own, carefully nurtured and freshly picked produce, far better than anything you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. We hold a wide range of over 120 different varieties in stock, including all your favourites such as beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, parsnips, peas, peppers, salad, sweet corn and tomatoes. We even have pumpkins, in case you want to grow and carve your own for Halloween this year! It’s possible to grow your own in any sized garden, containers orjust a windowsill. We stock Unwins seeds that are well-trusted across the garden community for quality and reliability.


Herb Seeds

No garden is complete without a good selection of herbs. Growing herbs is not only a culinary delight, they’re also really easy to grow in beds, borders, patio containers or even window boxes and will fill your garden with beautiful blooms and a delicious fragrance too. All you need is good light conditions in a weed free, well-drained soil. Herbs are an essential ingredient in a wide range of foods, so growing your own means a fresh supply of aromatic flavourings is never more than a few steps away. Even if you don't intend to use them in the kitchen, they’ll bring a splash of colour and beautiful aroma, as well as helping attract wildlife into your garden.


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