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Attracting Butterflies & Bees

Attracting wildlife to your garden

Attracting wildlife to your garden is an important factor to consider, but often overlooked when planning and planting. By thinking about a few subtle changes and types of plant renowned for attracting wildlife you can make a huge difference.

Attracting Butterflies & Bees

Attracting Butterflies and Bees

Destruction of their natural habitats has resulted in bee populating being in continuous decline and some types being listed as threatened species. Why not consider incorporating bee friendly plants into your garden to help stem the decline?

Best Plants for Spring

Best Plants for Spring

All gardeners look forward to spring, the first signs of the end of gloomy winter days. Gardens start to wake up in spring with slowly emerging bursts of colour and vitality, cheering us all up. Many spring interest plants can be grown in pots too.

Garden Design

Design & Plan Your Garden

Planning and designing your new garden can be quite an exciting prospect. Whether you are redesigning it from scratch or overhauling your current garden, careful planning will result in the beautiful garden of your dreams.

Grow your own Fruit

Guide to Starting a New Garden

There are many things to consider when starting a new garden. You have to select the correct plants for your garden conditions, decide what theme or style you wish to follow, if any, and choose the ultimate purpose of your garden.

How Many Shrubs & Trees Do I Need?

How Many Shrubs & Trees do I need?

You can determine the quantity of plants required depending on their eventual spread, factoring in the growing location. This article shows the key considerations and calculations behind how many plants you'll need for your planting area.

Hedging Guide

How to choose Hedging Plants

Hedging can be either native or ornamental. Native hedges contain a mix of species to replicate ancient hedgerows. Ornamental hedges normally feature a single species although mixed ornamental hedges are not uncommon.

How to create a Rock Garden

How to create a Rock Garden

A solid rockery or rock garden can last for years and years and offer a fun and interesting challenge for any budding gardener. Our how-to will help you to consider how best to proceed with creating one in your garden.

Making an Attractive Pond Edge

Making an attractive pond edge

Edging a pond can be a tricky and delicate task. Do you want the pond to look wild or polished? Do you have a raised or sunken pond? What is the purpose of your pond? Our guide will help you solve these quandaries and more.

Plants for Pots and Containers

Plants for Pots and Containers

If space is a premium, then container gardening is the answer for you. Containers and pots help utilise any available space in your garden to brighten up above the ground.

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