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Gardening for Beginners

We've put together some simple guides to help the gardening novice get started.

How to Cultivate your Soil

Soil cultivation (or digging) refers to turning over your soil to a spade's depth to bury weeds and debris into your soil and aerate the ground to avoid compaction. It makes it easier for air, nutrients and water to penetrate into the soil for plants to access.

Hanging Basket Tips

Hanging baskets a easy and cost effective was to add some colour to the outside of your house if you don't have a garden. Here are our tips on how to perfect your hanging baskets. If you live locally, contact us for our hanging basket service.

How to plant bulbs in your garden

Bulbs are an excellent addition to any garden. They provide a splash of colour in your borders throughout the year, many can also be planted in containers to provide a burst of colour anywhere in your garden, or even in your lawn.

Containerised Shrub Planting Guide

A beautiful lawn is at the heart of any garden. When it looks lush and green, it's the perfect complement to colourful beds and borders, whilst if it looks tired and drab it can significantly detract from the appearance of your home.

Simple Guide to Roses

If you are unfamiliar with Roses then you may be confused as to what the acronyms for our 8 rose groups that follow our rose names on our website actually mean. This guide explains what these indications mean and details of each rose group.

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