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January Gardening Jobs


Snowy house


If you are itching to get out there, but cant see the soil for the snow, take time to sit down & plan ahead. At this time of year, you may only be able to venture into your garden to clear the snow, but there are lots of jobs we should be doing in our gardens to keep them in good condition.


Shredding Christmas tree


With Christmas all over, turn your used Christmas trees in to valuable mulch for you garden. If you’ve got a shredder you can do this yourself, or alternatively you can take your tree to your local recycling centre to be chipped and reused as mulch.


Bare root box plants


If the ground is not frozen or water logged, you can get out and start to consider planting. Bare root plants are perfect for planting at this time of year, and you can plant them at a fraction of the cost compared to potted equivalents.


Snow on flower


If bad weather does hit and snow falls on to your garden, protect your plants by brushing the snowfall off the branches that are suffering with its weight. Heavy snow will damage or bend branches, ruining the shape you’ve spent all spring & summer cultivating.


Robin bird feeder


It’s at this time of year that your gardens bird & wildlife really struggle to find food. Regularly replenish your bird feeders & bird baths to provide a source of food.





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