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Growing herbs, or even creating a herb garden, is easier than you think. All you need is good light conditions in a free, well-drained soil or even on a windowsill. Herbs are an essential ingredient in a wide range of foods, so growing your own means a fresh supply of aromatic flavourings is never more than a few steps away. When natural growing methods are used, growing your own herbs can be a culinary delight, which we guarantee to taste better than anything you find in the shops. Even if you don't intend to use them in the kitchen, many herbs boast a beautiful aroma and wildlife-attracting flowers, as well as adding a splash of colour.

Our most popular herbs are chives plants, bay laurel, peppermint plants and parsley, whilst tarragon is another old favourite. Lavender Munstead offers a wonderful, strong fragrance and looks superb when planted across the front of your home, around a patio of near seating areas. Every home grower should have a few choice herbs on the windowsill or in the front border, so take the plunge and grow your own!





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