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July Gardening Jobs


Strawberry harvest


If the early summer weather has been good, some soft fruit and veg may be ready to harvest. Check on your spinach, peas, beans, cherries, currants, raspberries, apricots & strawberries. Heavily laden fruit trees can be supported with a prop underneath the branches to prevent them from breaking.


Tomatoes hanging


Limit tomato growth by pinching out the growing tip of cordon tomato plants when they reach the roof of the greenhouse. You should also pinch out the side-shoots as they develop. Many other vegetables can still be sown during the summer months, such as salads, carrots, beetroots and runner beans.


Wisteria flowers


Pick sweet peas and any other cutting-garden flowers throughout July to encourage continued flowering and cut back any long laterals which have grown on Wisteria since flowering. This allows sunlight to reach the woody parts of the plant and encourages bud formation next year.




Continue to water the garden in the evening. For plants in the border, it's better to water less frequently but with a larger quantity of water to encourage them to develop deep roots and build drought tolerance. If any pot plants are looking dry dunk them in a bucket of rainwater.


Hedge and path


Keep hedges in check. Trim privet regularly to encourage dense growth, putting the trimmings on the compost heap. Conifers can also be trimmed but resist cutting into old brown wood as regeneration comes from the newer growth. Clip your Bay trees and topiary as required.


Grass with dew


As long as there isn’t a drought, feed your lawn on a regular basis to encourage healthy looking lush growth. During dry weather, raise the blades to help your lawn retain moisture. Treat any lawn weeds as you discover them with a suitable lawn weed killer.


Blue delphinium


Cut back any early flowering perennials such as Geraniums and Delphiniums to encourage the plant to send out new leaves and maybe even some late-summer bonus flowers. Keep other plants such as Rhododendrons, Lupins and Azaleas looking their best by regular dead-heading. If you're lucky you might get another flush of blooms.


Bulbs around pond


Whilst the weather is dry, woodwork such as fences, sheds, arbours or benches could do with a lick of paint or wood stain, and will instantly make your garden look well looked after. Pond weeds should be scooped out on a regular basis and pond water levels kept topped up. Remember to keep your bird baths full of fresh water too.


Lonicera flower


Weeds will also be enjoying the sunshine that we hope to have this July. Keep on top of them in beds and borders and treat any which have appeared in paving or driveways with suitable weedkillers. Hoeing will do the trick but it's best to pull out entire weeds including their tap roots to prevent them from coming back again if you can.


Spiraea for cuttings


Take cuttings of hardy shrubs in summer. Use a sharp knife to trim below a single leaf joint to create a finished cutting of 8cm – 10cm long. Fill a 10cm pot with cuttings compost. Dip the base of the cutting into rooting hormone, then insert the cutting into the compost and water. Cover the pot with a polythene bag and place indoors in a well-lit position.





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