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Buy Westland Gro-Sure - Tomato Plant Food online from Jacksons Nurseries.

Westland Gro-Sure - Tomato Plant Food

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Gro-Sure Tomato Plant Food with Vita-Boost is specially designed to grow your best ever tomato crop. The rich, high-nutrient mix contains extra potassium to focus developement on tomatoes. Added seaweed, magnesium and iron ensure that leaves stay green and healthy to feed the fruits

Vita-Boost is a natural plant extract proven to improve crop yield and development. It enables the plant to increase overall yield and encourages earlier ripening, resulting in more tomatoes, earlier flowering, earlier cropping.

  • Maximum Tomato Yield
  • Improves flavour
  • Nutrient Rich (NPK: 6-3-10 + micro nutrients)
  • Seaweed Enriched
  • Extra Potash & Margnesium


How to use: Dilute 20ml of feed in 4.5L of water and feed as per the product label.

Where to use: Use on all tomatoes.

When to use: Once diluted see label for feeding times as it depends how the tomatoes are being grown.

Product Data Sheet (Opens in new window).