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Westland Resolva Rose 3 in 1 (800 ML)

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Westland Resolva Rose 3 in 1 is a combined insecticide plus systemic fungicide for use outdoors on roses. It will control aphids as well as offering some protection against rust and blackspot.

  • Bug killer, disease and fungus control
  • Ready to use formulation
  • Fights Rose dieseases
  • Kills greenfly and blackfly
  • Contains myclobutanil & cypermethrin
When to use:
April to September
Why use:
Protects new growth and promoted healthy foliage
How to use:
Only use when symptoms are observed on roses outdoors. 
Shake the bottle, turn spray nozzle and aim at plant. 
Pump trigger. Spraying top and undersides of leaves. 
Apply again after 10 days if required and only use twice per year.
Do not use when bees are actively foraging.
What to expect:
Insects drop off plants and mildew will dissipate

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