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March Gardening Jobs




Plant any new trees, hedging, shrubs, roses or climbers in early spring. We have a wide range of bare root still available until the end of March. Choose a day when the ground is not frozen or waterlogged and its not excessively windy.


Fallen leaves


Give your lawn a good rake over to remove any winter debris, neaten and trim the edges, then give it a mow, be careful not to cut it too low. You can also repair any patches which are looking bare, either with new turf, or by re-seeding.




Many spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocus, lilies and gladioli will be emerging this month, so show them a little TLC by removing any faded flower heads and remember to keep any which are in pots well watered. Wait for at least 6 weeks after flowering has finished before you start cutting back the dead foliage, and ideally only remove foliage when it is yellow and straw-like.


Early potatoes


The early varieties of potatoes can be planted in early March, with the later ones being ready towards the end of the month. Remember, potatoes grow best in a rich, fertile soil with plenty of sun. Onion sets can also be started, and in mild areas you can sow peas, broad beans, parsnips and carrots. In your greenhouse, you can also start sowing cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.


Bird Feeder


You can start putting your pond fountains back into place now and remove any heaters you might have installed ready for the warmer weather. It's also the ideal time to start cleaning out any bird houses you have and give the bird tables a good clean, ready for when the wildlife returns to your garden.




Your rhododendrons, azaleas, pieris and camellias could do with a good feed in March with ericaceous plant food, and your flower beds, shrubs and roses will appreciate a good sprinkle of fertilizer. Replenish any gravel and grit mulches that you have around your plants and place slug barriers around your tender plants to protect them.


Cold frame


Prepare any of your greenhouse plants for the outside by acclimatising them in a cold frame, prior to planting them out. This will prevent them for getting such a shock when they experience the cold weather.

March is a good time to start to prune your roses if you haven’t already done so. Cut off any damaged, diseased or dead stems, and after pruning, all roses benefit from a high quality fertiliser or organic compost. If you see any black spot, treat at first sight.








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