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Also known as Aubrieta, Aubretia is a fantastic mat-forming evergreen perennial with four-petalled flowers ranging from the deepest vibrant shades to the palest almost white hues, including violets, purples and pinks. It is a compact grower with small oval, hairy foliage which makes an excellent source of ground cover when planted in groups. Flowering freely from late spring through summer, Aubrieta makes an eye-catching cascade over walls and work well in containers. Although they have always traditionally been used in the rock garden, Aubrieta is just at home at the front of a mixed border or in a hanging basket along with other, less hardy basket plants.

Choose Aubrieta 'Blue Cascade' for stunning, rich blue flowers which smother the plant in a beautiful, bold display of luminous colour; Aubrieta 'Double Pink' for a beautiful pink, mat-forming perennial with a hint of yellow in the centres, set against dark green foliage; and Aubrieta 'Kitte Blue' for comparatively large rich violet-purple flowers that create a mound of energetic colour.

Aubrieta 'Purple Cascade' is a versatile, early flowering variety that combines well with early daffodils and wildflower tulips, or alternatively Aubrieta 'Red Cascade' which is also perfect for cascading over low walls and other obstacles to add colour to the spring garden. Aubrieta 'Royal Blue' produces an abundance of single, four-petalled, light blue flowers which are held in short terminal spikes and clothe the entire plant from April to May.

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