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Lily Flower Bulbs

No garden is complete without at least one magnificent lily! They’re available in a wide range of shapes and colours and fabulously fragrant. Lilies are best grown in groups of the same or different varieties to create fabulous splashes of bright colours across your garden through the summer. Ornamental lilies are well-loved for filing gaps between shrubs in the border or growing in pots on the patio where their delicious scent can be enjoyed and appreciated most often, while giant lilies make an excellent focal point towering over other flowers at the back of flower beds. Lily bulbs are best planted from October to April/May, preferring a light soil with good drainage (incorporate sharp sand on heavy soils). Plant lily bulbs with the pointed tip of the bulb pointing upwards at a planting depth of about 3 times the depth of the bulb. Check out our bulb help and advice section for a complete guide to flower bulbs, details of how to plant flower bulbs and where to plant bulbs.

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