Holly hedging plants

Shop our range of the best holly hedging plants to form an impenetrable, spiky evergreen screen. Holly is a native British hedge with distinctive, spiny, glossy leaves and bright autumn-winter berries. Common holly is the classic variety that’s synonymous with the English countryside with its green leaves and red berries but there are also many garden varieties which differ from the basic type in both leaf and berry colour, ranging from orange to purple. As a general rule, hollies are slow growing with a typical growth rate of 10-15cm per year – meaning they may take some time to reach their desired height and “fill out” but once established they’re long-lived and require very little care and attention with infrequent pruning every couple of years serving them just fine. They are excellent for well-loved by wildlife – birds will make nests amongst the branches and feast on the berries with mistle thrushes known to protect batches of berries near their nests. Plus, by growing your own holly hedge, you’ll have plenty of material should you wish to make your own decorative Christmas wreath at home! All hollies will grow in shade, although some sun will bring out the best foliage colour for variegated varieties. See our hedging plant guide for more information and advice.

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15 litre pot (150-180cm)
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30 litre pot (100-120cm)
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2-3 litre pot

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