Standard roses

Standard roses have a lollipop shape with a single, tall stem, topped with foliage and flowers, like a small tree. Flowering at eye level, they're perfect for adding height to more formal schemes on the patio or in the border. Standard roses can be used as a single focal point or in pairs either side of a doorway or arch, alternatively working well either side of a gap in a hedge to frame the view beyond. They're usually modern, miniature or patio roses grafted onto a strong bare stem but can equally be rambling roses grafted as a weeping standard in the same way to create to create a cascading form. Patio roses work particularly well in containers but prefer a sheltered location so they're not blown over in the wind given their top-heavy nature.  Remove any shoots that develop further down the stem - these "suckers" are from the rose used for the root stock, not the one you want to grow - and consider staking the stem to keep it secure, if required.

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