Check Here Before Buying – Pot Size Matters...Not all websites offer the same. Plants in a 2-litre pot have twice the root system of a P9 or 1 litre pot.


Check Here Before Buying – Pot Size Matters...Not all websites offer the same. Plants in a 2 litre pot have twice the root system of a P9 or 1 litre pot.

Welcome to Jackson's Nurseries, a family-run business based in the Staffordshire Moorlands on the outskirts of the beautiful Peak District. We sell a range of Christmas trees which are nurtured on our Christmas tree fields at 750ft above sea level to produce strong, healthy trees.

Buying direct from the grower means you can save a small fortune by cutting out the middle-man. You are guaranteed to receive a fresh tree that will go from our fields to your front door in a matter of days.

We have been growing Christmas trees for over 60 years and sending them to mainland UK for 15 years. Our tried and tested packaging technique will ensure your tree arrives looking as fresh and healthy as it was when dug and shipped from our nursery.

Christmas trees for delivery within the UK:

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

Real Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

 Thick, soft, glossy needles. Wide base for presents. Excellent needle retention. Suitable for pets & children. Most popular tree in the UK.


Blue Spruce Christmas tree

Real Blue Spruce Christmas Trees

An attractive blue Coloured Spruce. Sharply pointed foliage. Conical shape. Cones cluster near to the top of the tree. Best installed in December

Norway Spruce Christmas tree

Real Norway Spruce Christmas Trees

 Traditional Christmas tree. Popular since Victorian times. Broad triangular base. Rich coniferous fragrance. Best installed in December.


Serbian Spruce Christmas tree

Real Serbian Spruce Christmas Trees

Unusual style Christmas tree. The narrow, slender shape. Perfect for smaller homes. Fits into porches & corridors. Fragrant bluey needles.


Stained Christmas tree stand


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Christmas Tree Care Advice and FAQs

We've put together a collection of handy guides to help you in choosing, buying, decorating and caring for your Christmas tree to keep it looking at its best. Some of these are based on questions we often get asked by our customers which you may find useful too. We hope the articles will help you pick the perfect tree for you and your family and leave it looking in tip-top condition throughout the festive period.


Types of Real Christmas Tree

Different Types of Real Christmas Trees

Traditionally many different evergreen species were used as a Christmas tree. We cover 4 types of Christmas tree in more detail to help you choose the best one for you and your family.


Christmas tree size guide

Christmas tree size guide

Christmas tree heights are often quoted in a mish-mash of metric and imperial. To cut through the confusion we've compiled a handy conversion table, along with key thing to think about when choosing the height of your tree.


Christmas Tree Care Advice

How to care for a Real Christmas Tree

Top tips such as sawing 1 inch off the base before installing your tree in the home, keeping it away from radiators and open fires, watering regularly and how to dispose of your tree after Christmas.


London Christmas Tree Delivery

Christmas tree delivery London

If you find London retailers charge a hefty premium for trees that are sub-par why not consider ordering your tree online for delivery on a date of your choice? Here we share details of how we harvest and dispatch our trees.


Calendar for when to buy Christmas tree

When to Buy a Christmas Tree

Striking the careful balancing act between buying your tree too early and spending your Christmas week cleaning up piles of pine needles vs not buying it so late that the best trees have sold out.


Christmas tree selection

Where to Buy a Christmas Tree

How to understand Christmas tree grades, considering whether you'd prefer to buy in-person or online and weighing up the relative benefits and drawbacks of different outlets.


How to choose a Christmas tree

How to choose a Christmas Tree

Careful planning is essential to choose the right Christmas tree for you. We cover the factors to think about from where you will put your tree to checking the quality of different trees.


Reasons to buy a Christmas tree early

Reasons to buy your tree early

Why we think ordering online gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to reserve one of the best trees from the current harvest whilst waiting until a sensible date to install your tree in the home.


How to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh

How to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh

With Christmas trees going on sale earlier every year, the right care and attention for your tree to keep it looking at its best throughout the festive season is more important than ever.


Reasons to buy a Christmas tree early

How to put up a Christmas tree in the home

Here we cover the process from preparing your tree outdoors and getting it into the stand or box to decorating your tree and on-going care such as topping up the stand with water.


Reasons to buy a Christmas tree early

How long does a real Christmas tree last?

How long different types of real Christmas trees will last under ideal conditions and with proper care; how to choose a healthy tree at the outset; a re-cap on tree care; and making your tree last a lifetime.


Benefits of a Real Christmas tree

Benefits of a real Christmas tree vs. an artificial one

We thought we'd set the record straight by covering the key factors to consider when making the choice and help you conclude that the best and most natural choice is a real tree at Christmas.


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Buying Direct from the Grower - save £££ with fresh trees guaranteed


Pulling Christmas trees from nursery


Jacksons Nurseries started growing Christmas trees 70 years ago.

Across our growing fields, we primarily grow the traditional Norway Spruce Christmas Tree and more recently, the popular Nordmann Fir and Serbian Spruce.

The growing fields support a large ecology of wildlife by offering a fantastic, safe haven for birds, insects and small mammals that seek shelter and food amongst the growth. This is because at Jacksons Nurseries we plant Christmas trees as ‘draw trees’ and plant native trees in between the Christmas trees as we plant. As the Christmas trees are harvested, we leave the native species on some part of the Christmas tree growing area to develop into native English woodland.

You can see the results on the skyline from the top of our car park. This year we hope to join up with the adjacent farmers Native Woodland planted about 10 years ago to form a wildlife corridor from Thorneyedge to nearly Stanley Pool.

Draw Trees Skyline

We don’t just grow Christmas trees, we actually use them to develop Native British Woodland Wildlife Corridors!

Throughout their growing period our Christmas trees contribute to the betterment of the atmosphere by converting carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen which helps everyone! Just one acre of Christmas trees will absorb over two tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Christmas trees are fully biodegradable and can be put to lots of good uses after the Christmas period. Another very important aspect of purchasing a real Christmas tree is that you are supporting a renewable resource. For each individual tree that is removed, two are planted in its place.

We deliver high quality real Christmas trees grown on our nursery to home and business addresses across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Bradford, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton and elsewhere. You can pre order a Christmas tree online for a delivery date of your choosing (Tuesday to Friday from late November through December).



Christmas trees in field


Christmas trees in field


Christmas trees under canopy 


Christmas trees under canopy 


Artificial trees by contrast are produced using non-renewable fossil fuels and are generally produced in countries with worryingly relaxed attitudes towards environmental preservation or sustainability.

We would always encourage you to buy a real Christmas tree to support a safe and natural product.


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Web Sales Opening Times

Friday 22nd December - 8am  - 4.30pm
Closed from 23rd December -  1st January
Open as normal from 8am on Tuesday 2nd January 2024




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Visit our Staffordshire garden centre this Christmas

If you're local to Staffordshire or just looking for a great day out for all the family, why not come and visit us? A very warm welcome awaits you at our garden centre, tea room and farm shop in Bagnall, near Leek, just outside of the beautiful Peak District. Choose from hundreds of freshly dug and cut Christmas trees with the help of our experienced nurserymen who have over 70 years combined industry experience.

Visit our red deer, farm animals and feathered friends in the aviary. If all that sounds rather exhausting our expert chefs make a range of delicious meals and cakes so you can put your feet up in front of our open wood-burning fire with a brew before packing the tree in the car and heading home.


Garden centre Christmas entrance



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See what our customers are saying

"Lovely tree. Great communication about delivery. Many thanks."
"Absolutely BEAUTIFUL tree FABULOUS quality and GREAT customer service A1 Thax."
"Lovely fresh tree great smell will definately buy from again excellent."
"Beautiful tree thankyou so much."
"Absolutely stunning and smells beautiful. Fantastic service thank u."
"Thank you for the tree, now Christmas can come."
"Perfect tree thank you and Merry Xmas to you all, thanks again 10/10."
"Great tree, really quick delivery, Thanx."
"Amazing xmas tree, brill delivery will be back next year for more, very pleased."
"My tree came through all the bad weather fantastic service great buy thank you."


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