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Topiary ball plants

Topiary balls create an excellent garden feature, generally working best in a formal garden setting to create year-round structure and interest. They can be used symmetrically either side of a doorway or arch to subtly delineate an entrance, as a focal point in the garden, in groups of various sizes in containers on the patio or positioned at regular intervals to punctuate a low hedge (generally of the same variety) and add a degree of sharpness and formality. They are excellent for adding architectural flair and strong lines to your garden and a great way to introduce children to gardening who often take an interest in their fanciful shapes. Topiary balls are also a popular gardening gift and we can certainty send them to your chosen lucky recipient along with a hand-written card if you wish. Topiary has increasingly come back into vogue in recent years, generally using dense, small-leaved evergreens with varieties such as English Yew (Taxus Baccata), Box plants (Buxus Sempervirens) and variegated holly (Ilex Argentea) amongst those best suited. They should be clipped once or twice a year to preserve their shape and maintain a compact, dense growth habit. We pride ourselves on offering topiary that has been carefully maintained and hand-trimmed to deliver the best specimens.

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In stock
15-20 Litre pot*

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