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As one of the UK’s biggest port cities, Southampton is used to being busy with trade, though maybe not for Christmas trees. At Jackson’s we can offer you a wide selection of Christmas trees that we will deliver straight to your door, anywhere in Southampton be it Redbridge, Portswood, Bevois Valley, Weston, Mansbridge, Lordshill Bassett, the City Centre, Sholing, Shirley, Maybush, or Bitterne Manor. Save yourself the trouble of hunting through the shops to find your tree, only to have to carry it through the busy marina, bustling with festive shoppers, by ordering you tree with us, direct through our secure website.


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The history of the Christmas tree
The Christmas tradition of using evergreens as decoration during the winter months was first introduced in ancient Greece and Rome. It was thought that hanging boughs of evergreen over doors and windows would keep away evil spirits, spirits that they believed were more rife during the longer nights of winter.

The idea of a Christmas tree did not exist until the 16th Century, when devout German Christians brought a tree inside and lit it with candles (something we do not recommend!), and it wasn’t until the reign of Queen Victoria that it became popular among the masses in Britain.

Since then, the Christmas tree has only grown in popularity, and it is the staple of the home during the festive period. We marvel at the lights as they twinkle on cold winter nights, we place our presents underneath it, ready to give to loved ones on the big day, and for most, it brings a sense of magic and spirit to the festive season.


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At Jackson’s we understand the importance of the Christmas tree and what it means to your family – we take care in growing healthy, quality trees, and have done for over three generations. And as such, we have created a selection of guides and tips on how to pick, care and order you tree:

  • Choosing the right tree for you – with a wide selection of trees available, we have highlighted the different specimens of tree, as well as the pros and cons for each.


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  • How and when to order your tree – you can order your tree safely through our secure website, for delivery on a date that suits you.


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  • How to care for your tree – we want you to get the most out of your tree during the festive period, and we know just how to do that.


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  • Decorating your tree – we have plenty of Christmas decorations to choose from, available to order through our online shop.


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