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Known as one of the friendliest cities in the UK, the people of Newcastle fully embrace the Christmas spirit, and what better way to be festive than to buy a real Christmas tree? Instead of moving through the crowds by the Quayside with a tree on your back or making your way across the Gateshead Millennium Bridge with a tree in tow, or struggling to get it on the Metrolink, let Jackson’s Nurseries take the hassle away for you.

We have a wide selection of trees to offer, grown here on our fields in Staffordshire Moorlands on the edge of the Peak District, all available for delivery in all areas of Newcastle, including Benton, Sugley, Kingston Park, Byker, Quayside, Haymarket, Grainger Town, the City Centre, Westerhope, Jesmond and Ouseburn.


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We have been growing Christmas trees in our fields for three generations and delivering all over the mainland UK for over 15 years, with our tried and tested packaging technique. Purchasing your tree through our secure website has never been easier, thanks to our system for pre-ordering Christmas trees. We deliver throughout the month of December, Tuesday to Friday, on a date to suit you.


When is the right time to buy your tree?
It is a careful balancing act, buying a real Christmas tree – buy too early and you run the risk of spending Christmas day hoovering needles up from around your presents; buy too late, and you may not get to pick from the best of the bunch. For a tree that will last a little longer, we suggest you opt for a Nordmann Fir – known for its low-rate of needle drop, this tree has become ever-popular in recent times. However, if you are more of a traditionalist then you may opt for a Norway Spruce, though these have been known to be less robust than the Nordmann Fir.


  Needle Colour Shape Needle Retention Scent Child/Pet Friendly

Nordmann Fir

Nordman Fir Needle Colour

Nordman Fir Shape StarStarStarStarStar None Green traffic light

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Needle Colour Norway Spruce Shape StarStar StarStarStarStar Amber traffic light

Serbian Spruce


Serbian Spruce Needle Colour Serbian Spruce Shape StarStarStar StarStarStar Green traffic light

Alberta White Spruce


Aberta White Spruce Needle Colour Alberta White Spruce Shape StarStarStar StarStar Green traffic light


Tips for buying your Christmas tree

  • If you are purchasing your tree earlier than when you wish to put it up, that’s ok – we suggest that you keep it stored in a cool, dry place in plenty of water.
  • Most people opt to buy their tree the first weekend in December, but we still have plenty of stock left in the second week – we recommend buying before the third weekend in December, to get the best of the stock.
  • If you are more eager and wish to get your tree up by mid-late November, then you should consider buying a Nordmann Fir – these trees are more slow growing than the Norway Spruce and likely to last better indoors for extended periods of time.
  • If you are set on a Spruce, you’re best waiting until December to minimise the care needed over the Christmas period.


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Remember that real Christmas trees have been living things; the right care and attention will make a big difference to how long they last. Keep it away from heat sources such as radiators and open fires and remember to top up the tree stand or water basis before it drops below the base of the trunk. By following these Christmas simple care steps, a Nordmann Fir tree, for example, will comfortably last 5 weeks in the home. We have all the handy hints and tips needed to keep your Christmas tree looking its best during the festive season.

Contact us for advice
At Jackson's Nurseries we understand that choosing the right tree and treading the fine balance between giving in to peer pressure from the kids to put the tree up early whilst also making sure it's still looking good on Christmas day can be a challenge!

If we can help in any way feel free to contact us with your questions. All types of Christmas trees mentioned in this article can be purchased from our Christmas trees page.



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