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Like most cities around the UK, getting your hands on a fresh, home-grown Christmas tree can be quite tricky, and Bradford is no exception. Why don’t you let our team at Jackson’s Nurseries take the hassle of shepherding a tree past the Wool Exchange during the festive season, by ordering your Christmas tree with us online? We have plenty of trees available for you to choose from, grown here on our fields in Staffordshire Moorlands, near the Peak District. We can deliver your tree anywhere within Bradford, including Odsal, Staithgate, Thorpe Edge, Little Horton, Forster Quare, Dudley Hill, Greengates, Manningham and Wrose.

We have been growing Christmas trees for over 60 years and delivering them throughout the mainland UK for over 15 years.


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Choosing a Christmas Tree
Traditionally many different evergreen species were used as a Christmas tree. The most popular variety today is the Nordmann Fir, which is favoured for its soft, rounded, pet and child friendly needles and excellent needle retention over several weeks. Alternatively, many people still love the traditional Norway Spruce with its rich coniferous fragrance, which really adds to the Christmas atmosphere in the home. Our quick guide to different trees below may help you choose:


  • Nordman Fir Christmas trees - thick, soft, glossy needles. Wide base for presents. Excellent needle retention. Suitable for pets & children. Most popular tree in the UK.
  • Norway Spruce Christmas trees - traditional Christmas tree. Popular since Victorian times. Broad triangular base. Rich coniferous fragrance. Best installed in December.
  • Blue Spruce Christmas trees - an attractive blue coloured Spruce. Sharply pointed foliage. Conical shape. Best installed in December
  • Serbian Spruce Christmas trees - unusual style Christmas tree with a narrow, slender shape. Perfect for smaller homes. Fits into porches & corridors. Fragrant bluey needles.
  • Korean Spruce Christmas trees - regular tight pyramidal form. Silver needles. Good needle retention. Mid green with bluey undersides. Best installed in December.
  • Alberta White Spruce – the perfect small tree to add festive cheer to a tabletop or windowsill.


For more detailed information, please see our guide on different types of Christmas trees.


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Why choose your tree from Jackson’s?
Our Christmas tree delivery service is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle and stress of having to hunt down the perfect Christmas tree. Let us take care of everything for you. When you place an order with us, our experienced nursery staff will carefully select your tree making sure it is fresh, healthy and meets any requirement you've indicated in the notes to your order. We regularly replenish the stock on our garden centre so there are always plenty of fine specimens of all types, shapes and sizes for our internet pickers to choose from.


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Our trees are grown at 750ft above sea level which delivers hardy specimens, so if you're buying a root balled tree with the intention of planting it outdoors after Christmas it'll stand the best chance (60% success rate).


Rootballed Norway Spruce tree outdoors


We try to use as little packaging as possible to avoid suffocating the tree while making sure we do not compromise on the safety and quality of your tree while in transit. At the first stage in the packaging process we will carefully net your tree to hold the branches upwards and ensure it has a safe journey by courier on the way to your chosen address.


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Buying direct from the grower means you can save a small fortune by cutting out the middle-man. You are guaranteed to receive a fresh tree that will go from our fields to your front door in a matter of days.


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Contact Us for Advice
We know choosing the right tree can be a bit confusing at times, so we're here to help. Feel free to contact us Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm if you have any questions.



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