Check Here Before Buying – Pot Size Matters...Not all websites offer the same. Plants in a 2-litre pot have twice the root system of a P9 or 1 litre pot.


Check Here Before Buying – Pot Size Matters...Not all websites offer the same. Plants in a 2 litre pot have twice the root system of a P9 or 1 litre pot.

Buy Real Blue Spruce Christmas Trees Online

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Picea Blue Diamond

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  • Tree size: 175-200cm (approx 6-7ft)

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree (Picea Blue Diamond)

Picea Blue Diamond is a recent introduction to our Christmas tree range. We have grown the attractive blueish coloured spruce on the nursery over the past few years for the garden market, however it is so striking we decided to offer additional plants as Christmas trees.

Please note that the height of the tree advertised includes the pot height. If you choose "Cut root option" and wish us to remove the pot, it will reduce the height of the tree delivered. Please consider buying the next size up.

Each tree is unique and will naturally vary in appearance.

 Although the root system is not as good as those trees grown for planting out directly into the garden (which are more expensive) it is well worth the effort to care for your tree because we think (particularly with the smaller trees) you still stand a decent chance of being able to plant out in the garden after Christmas (success cannot be guaranteed). The trick is, as with all rooted Christmas Trees, to keep them in the house for as short a time as possible, away from radiators & open fires & to keep them moist by watering regularly.

If you do decide to plant out ensure its at least 5 meters from the house and 3 meters away from your driveway. Although slow growing, Spruce do grow to large trees so its important to bear in mind when planting out.

 The pots supplied are intended to keep some soil around the roots of the trees. We recommend you re-pot the tree into a larger pot, a half barrel or other suitable containers to help to stabilise the tree whilst in your home. Please unpack your tree outside where possible.

Christmas Tree Size

Our Christmas trees are graded for height and marked up well in advance of cutting or digging. Your tree will be within the size range you ordered, if you want a guaranteed minimum then you are always best to order the next size up. It is always possible to reduce the size by cutting down at the base of the tree if its too big. Historically, we have measured our trees from the cut or the top of the pot/rootball to the middle of the leader (this is the centre branch where your star or fairy would go) so customers would have to factor this in plus the height of their adornment. Further, rootballed trees do not include the height of the rootball.

Following feedback from customers, despite the historic ‘trade’ way of measuring trees, we now measure full height to make it easier to determine the correct height of tree needed to fit in your desired room. All that needs to be allowed for now is the top adornment and the height of the stand the tree  is put in and naturally that’s up to you to decide & add on. Depending on your stand you may need to remove some of the lowest branches to allow it to fit in the holder.

Imperial (ft) Metric (m)
2-3 0.61 - 0.91
3-4 0.91 - 1.22
4-5 1.22 - 1.52
5-6 1.52 - 1.83
6-7 1.83 - 2.13

Cut/Potted Christmas Trees

Dependent on size, trees are supplied potted/rooted or cut. To ensure freshness, cut trees will have their rootball cut off as close to the dispatch date or be fresh cut directly out of the ground. Once received, it’s a good idea to keep it in a water holding stand. Our potted trees are not 'pot grown', they are dug from the field with a small rootball and placed into a non-decorative pot, as this helps the tree to remain fresher for longer over the festive period. It may be possible to plant it out after Christmas but there are no guarantees. Your Christmas tree should be kept away from radiators or any other direct source of heat, such as an open fire. Keep your potted tree well watered. The pots supplied with trees are plain black plastic pots and are not intended for decorative purposes, you should put them into a water tight pot or re-poting before watering. We recommend you remove your tree from the packaging outside. Please note that the height of the tree is including the pot and the main leader branch.

Some trees may be toxic. Please check if this tree is suitable for use in a pet environment

Should you want a tree that’s guaranteed to grow, consider buying a fully root balled or pot grown tree direct from our garden centre website. 

Christmas Tree Delivery

Our Christmas Tree delivery is £19.99 per tree. We deliver from Tuesday to Friday only. Non-Christmas items requiring a pallet delivery may incur additional costs due to pallet height restrictions, if this is the case we will contact you prior to dispatch.

We always recommend someone be available to accept a delivery, however, our couriers will leave consignments in a safe place or with a neighbour. If you requested specific leave-safe delivery instructions, the courier will make every effort to accommodate this, and this is at your own risk. You can provide specific delivery instructions in the ‘Additional Information’ box during checkout. Orders will be dispatched with our couriers using a 'Next Day Service'. We are unable to provide specific delivery times, deliveries are made between 8am and 6pm. If you do not receive your order within 2 working days please let us know as soon as possible.

We make every effort to dispatch your Christmas Tree orders on the date you specify, however, there are certain times when factors outside of our control mean that this isn't always possible. We are unable to accept liability for any losses incurred whatsoever financial or otherwise as a result of your delivery not being made on the date specified.

Christmas Tree Returns

Cut and potted Christmas trees are considered perishable goods and as such are exempt from return. All Christmas trees are exempt from our 12 month guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Fresh Cut Christmas TreeCut Christmas Trees
Cut trees are still the most popular choice of real tree as they usually offer the most cost effective solution and are the easiest option for handling. For maximum freshness choose a rootballed tree and have the rootball cut off on the day of dispatch.
Immediately upon receipt of your tree, remove the packaging. Cut about 25mm off the base of the tree and stand it upright in a bucket of water in a cool building (garden shed or garage). Aim to keep the tree in a cool building for as long as possible, taking it inside just before Christmas. Make sure the water in the bucket is kept topped up and spray the foliage with water daily if possible. Choose the coolest room in the house (hallway etc), away from open fires and direct sources of heat (radiators etc). Before taking the tree inside, check it fits properly in your stand or you have trimmed enough branches back if keeping it in a bucket. Put the stand (or bucket) in the chosen place in the house, no closer than 60cm to a wall to allow the tree to stand up. Put the tree in the stand and systematically clamp the tree into the stand, ensuring it is upright. If using a bucket, bricks wedged between the bucket and the trunk work well and offer good counter balance. Keep the tree watered in the stand and ideally spray the needles carefully with water everyday (taking care to avoid the lights!)
Take the tree out of the house as soon as possible after Christmas. There will inevitably be some needle loss in the process but nothing 5 minutes with a vacuum cleaner can’t fix. Take the tree to your nearest recycling centre because once chipped and composted, your tree can be recycled as mulch top dressing.

Real Potted Christmas TreePotted Christmas Trees
If you want a tree that you can plant after Christmas then smaller potted Christmas trees have the best chance of survival because proportionally, they’ve lost less of their roots to enable them to be taken in to the house, but please remember, they are outdoor trees and taking them inside means we can’t guarantee their survival.
Immediately upon receiving your tree, remove the packaging. Store the tree upright in a cool building (garden shed or garage) and keep it well watered. Aim to keep the tree in a cool building for as long as possible, taking it inside just before Christmas and ideally putting it in the coolest room away from open fires and radiators. Water the tree daily and if possible, spray the foliage with water (taking care to turn off and avoid the lights!).
As soon as possible, after Christmas, take the tree outside. Dig a hole about 50mm deeper than the top of the pot and sprinkle a handful of bonemeal in the hole and on the soil to be back-filled. Carefully place the pot in the hole and pull the tree out of the pot. The soil may fall away but try and make sure that the soil and the roots stay in contact in the hole. Back-fill the hole, firming down each layer with your heel. Make sure the tree is upright and stake at 45 degree angle if necessary. Water roots and foliage copiously in dry periods. Don’t worry if some of the needles fall off initially – it may be transplant shock and they will come back if the tree survives.
We can’t guarantee your tree will live if you've kept it indoors throughout Christmas, however, potted trees often do well and if you follow these directions, you will have given it the best chance of survival.

For more help on choosing a Christmas tree or a more detailed guide on caring for your chosen Christmas tree please take a look at our helpful guides:
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Buy Real Blue Spruce Christmas Trees Online 175-200cm (approx 6-7ft)
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