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Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and has a history steeped in Christmas tradition, thanks in part to the German Christmas Market and Christmas trees lining the streets during the festive season. But, like most cities around the UK, getting your hands on a fresh, home-grown Christmas tree can prove quite difficult. Save yourself the hassle of fighting to carry a tree through the masses beside the Bull Ring by ordering direct through our website.

We deliver to all parts of Birmingham (on a day of your choosing) including Lickley Hills, Edgbaston, Erdington, Moseley, Saltley, Bournville and Cotteridge, Newtown, Holyhead, Oscott, and the Jewellery Quarter.

We have been growing Christmas trees at Jackson’s Nurseries for three generations and shipping them to all over the mainland UK for over 15 years. We take great care in picking, packing and delivering your Christmas tree to you, using our preferred courier service Fedex.


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Choosing a Christmas Tree
Traditionally many different evergreen species were used as a Christmas tree. The most popular variety today is the Nordman Fir, which is favoured for its soft, rounded, pet and child friendly needles and excellent needle retention over several weeks. Alternatively, many people still love the traditional Norway Spruce with its rich coniferous fragrance, which really adds to the Christmas atmosphere in the home. Our quick guide to different trees below may help you choose:


  • Nordman Fir Christmas trees - thick, soft, glossy needles. Wide base for presents. Excellent needle retention. Suitable for pets & children. Most popular tree in the UK.
  • Norway Spruce Christmas trees - traditional Christmas tree. Popular since Victorian times. Broad triangular base. Rich coniferous fragrance. Best installed in December.
  • Blue Spruce Christmas trees - an attractive blue Coloured Spruce. Sharply pointed foliage. Conical shape. Cones cluster near to the top of the tree. Best installed in December
  • Serbian Spruce Christmas trees - unusual style Christmas tree with a narrow, slender shape. Perfect for smaller homes. Fits into porches & corridors. Fragrant bluey needles.
  • Korean Spruce Christmas trees - regular tight pyramidal form. Silver needles. Good needle retention. Mid green with bluey undersides. Best installed in December.
  • Alberta White Spruce – the perfect small tree to add festive cheer to a tabletop or windowsill.


For more detailed information, please see our guide on different types of Christmas trees.


Decorated Christmas tree 2017

How to Order
Ordering is quick and easy via our website – simply visit our Christmas tree page, select the variety you prefer, choose the height of tree you’d like to buy and your preferred delivery date, then add it to your shopping cart and proceed through checkout.


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We offer some varieties as either potted or cut trees. We find some people like potted trees as they can be planted out after Christmas and there is a reasonable chance they will survive in the garden (about a 60% success rate), especially you follow our Christmas tree care tips – although this cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any particular requirements – maybe a tree with a particularly wide or narrow base – include these in the notes to your order and we’ll do our best to find a tree that fits the bill. We regularly replenish the stock on our garden centre so there are always plenty of fine specimens of all types, shapes and sizes for our internet pickers to choose from.


Christmas tree selection


We encourage you to pre-order your Christmas tree to secure the best trees early on and help us plan how many trees we need to harvest from our Christmas tree fields in advance. Pre-orders can be made on our website for any day between Tuesday and Friday (inclusive) in December, normally up until around the 22nd December, depending on exactly when the weekends fall before Christmas day.

Once you’ve placed your order, it will be processed by a member of our web sales team will process it for you and scour the wide range of freshly cut trees at our garden centre to find the perfect one for you.


Why choose your tree from Jackson’s?
Across our growing fields we grow a variety of trees, from the traditional Norway Spruce to the popular Nordmann Fir and Serbian Spruce. Our tree farm supports a large ecology of wildlife, offering a haven for birds, insects and small mammals that seek shelter and food amongst the growth. This is due, in part, to how we plant the trees as ‘draw trees’ and plant native trees in between the Christmas trees as we plant. As we harvest the Christmas trees, we leave the native species in certain areas to encourage and develop the English woodland.


Christmas trees growing in back fields


By buying your tree from Jackson’s you are encouraging local wildlife, contributing to the betterment of the atmosphere – just one acre of Christmas trees will absorb over two tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – and you are buying a renewable source: for every individual tree removed, two are planted in its place.


Nordmann Firs growing in back field


Our top tips for Christmas Tree Care

  • Keep your tree hydrated – when you get your tree delivered, saw off about an inch from the base of the trunk and store in a bucket of water for the next 24 hours.
  • Store your tree in the right kind of Christmas tree stand – Christmas trees can absorb up to 1 inch of water per 1-inch diameter of trunk. Don’t forget to keep the water in your stand regularly topped up - it may get depleted more quickly than you expect!
  • Give yourself time – make sure that your tree is straight and give it a couple of hours to settle before you decorate.
  • Keep it away from direct heat sources, like fires and radiators, as this can dry the tree out and accelerate needle loss.
  • Remember to water your tree – think of it like a fresh bunch of flowers, it needs regular watering and plenty of it.


Watering Christmas Tree


Contact us for Advice
We know choosing the right tree can be a bit confusing at times, so we're here to help. Feel free to contact us at or on 01782 502741 Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm if you have any questions.


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