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Mixed Garden Shrub Pack – 10 mature shrubs in 2-3 litre pots only £34.99 (usually £72.99)

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Mixed Garden Shrub Pack – 10 mature shrubs in 2-3 litre pots only £34.99 (RRP £72.99)

Fantastic offer: 10 mature shrubs in 2-3 litre pots for £34.99, usually £72.99! Beautiful mix of evergreen and deciduous varieties, perfect for delivering fabulous flowers, berries and foliage colour to your garden.

What’s Included?

1x Berberis Chocolate Summer

1x Cotoneaster lucidus

1x Cotoneaster lacteus

1x Escallonia Donards Radiance

1x Euonymus europaeus

1x Potentilla Elizabeth

1x Potentilla Tangerine

1x Potentilla Sunset

1x Prunus Zabeliana

1x Viburnum opulus

Description of each Plant you will Receive

  • 1x Berberis Chocolate Summer – handsome, deciduous shrub with a neat, upright habit that makes a fine choice as a low hedge or for creating striking colour contrasts in borders. Purple-brown foliage with red stems. From late spring, it produces tiny yellow flowers which are loved by pollinating insects. Small, orange-red berries follow the flowers, providing plenty of late summer interest.

  • 1x Cotoneaster lucidus - deciduous shrub forming an upright, rounded shape. Its glossy dark green leaves, up to 5cm long, create a dense wall of foliage for optimum privacy in season and then turn to a brilliant red in autumn. The small pink flowers in spring are followed by showy black fruits which are carried in massive clusters in autumn/winter, attracting birds to your garden.

A close up of a plant

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Berberis Chocolate Summer

Cotoneaster lucidus

  • 1x Cotoneaster lacteus - shallow cup-shaped white flowers grow from early to mid-summer. Long lasting red berries are carried in massive clusters in autumn/winter. An evergreen, arching shrub with oval, dark green leaves, excellent choice for mixed borders.

  • 1x Escallonia Donards Radiance - small, vigorous evergreen shrub of compact growth, with relatively large, glossy, rounded leaves. Flowers red, chalice-shaped, in racemes in early and mid-summer.

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Cotoneaster lacteus