Check Here Before Buying – Pot Size Matters...Not all websites offer the same. Plants in a 2-litre pot have twice the root system of a P9 or 1 litre pot.


Check Here Before Buying – Pot Size Matters...Not all websites offer the same. Plants in a 2 litre pot have twice the root system of a P9 or 1 litre pot.

  Walks around Bagnall 


Bagnall Walks – Route Guides

This section features five short circular walks from Bagnall Village Green of between 2 ½ and 5 miles each. These walks take in the beautiful countryside in and around Bagnall and pass various interesting features of the local area such as Bagnall’s 19th Century church, Bagnall Springs, several old wells, historic buildings, Stanley Pool and the old Saltway / Monks Way which was historically used by monks to take salt to Hulton Abbey. There are reindeer at Jackson's Nurseries and you’ll also pass old quarries and corn mills, meadows, chapels, local woodland and picturesque brooks. The longest 5 mile route takes in Wetley Moor Common, a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its lowland heath.


Bagnall well
St Chads Church
Stag in winter


Visiting Jackson’s Nurseries

Some of the walks pass by Jackson’s Nurseries, Tea Room and Farm Shop and for those walks which do not directly pass Jackson’s, it is just a 500 metre pleasant stroll from the Village Green down Springs Bank, giving you the opportunity to see a beautiful old well and ford at Bagnall Springs on the way. Home made food prepared using the finest local ingredients is available to eat in, eat outdoors in the lovely al fresco patio area with views out to the Roaches or take away. You can browse for farm shop goodies and garden lovers may wish to buy a plant from the nursery.


Tea room fire and tables

Tea room till and outdoor seating area

Tea room meals cookie breakkie and salad

Tea room meals Sunday lunch and quiche


Walking Routes - Overview

Walk Distance Key Waypoints PDF Guide
1 2 1/2 miles Village Green - Greenways Hall Golf Course - Houghwood Top - Village Green PDF Icon
2 3 miles Village Green - Stanley Pool - Puddy Lane - Stanley - Stanley Head - Village Green PDF Icon
3 2 1/2 miles Village Green - Pond Bay - Bagnall Grange - Tomkin - Moor Hall - Bagnall Springs - Village Green PDF Icon
4 3 miles Village Green - Bagnall Springs - Thorney Edge Road - Jackson’s Nurseries - Blue Brick Bridge - Washgate Meadows - Woodland (previously Matthew’s Nurseries) - Village Green PDF Icon
5 5 miles Village Green - Bagnall Heights - Light Oaks - Wetley Moor Common - Armshead Road - Washgate Meadows - Jackson’s Nurseries - Bagnall Springs - Village Green PDF Icon


Walk 1

Walk 1 - Summary:
2 1/2 mile circular walk from Bagnall Village Green, exiting the village via Greenway Hall golf course, passing Greenway Hall Farm and down Greenway Hall Road, giving superb views of the City. At this point the route re-enters the golf course, dropping down to a wooded area, over a stream and back up the other side to Houghwood House. The footpath catches the edge of Hough Wood before re-entering Bagnall Village at Manor House Farm and returning to the Village Green.


Walk 1 - Map:

Walk 1 picture


Walk 1 - Views over the City:

Walk 1 views out over the city


Walk 1 - Download Full PDF Guide:

PDF Icon Large


Walk 2

Walk 2 - Summary:
3 mile circular walk from Bagnall Village Green, exiting the village through Manor House Farm, crossing Clewlows bank to drop down to the north-west edge of Stanley Pool. Then rising up Puddy Lane, through the pretty village of Stanley, passing The Travellers Rest and along Tompkin Road before re-joining footpath at Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre.  From here the route takes in the east side of Stanley Pool before rising up through farmland to meet Clewlows Bank, then returning to Bagnall Village Green.


Walk 2 - Map:

Walk 2 picture


Walk 2 - Views over Stanley Pool:

Walk 2 views over Stanley pool


Walk 2 - Download Full PDF Guide:

PDF Icon Large


Walk 3

Walk 3 - Summary:
2 1/2 mile circular walk from Bagnall Village Green, exiting the village via the site of an old quarry and proceeding down Old Mill Lane to the site of an old corn mill. The route then passes ‘Pond Bay’ -a lovely spot where the brook widens, allowing you to take in the tranquillity of the beautiful countryside in this part. The route proceeds past Bagnall Grange, affording excellent views over Stanley Pool before passing Moor Hall Farm and returning to the village via the well at Bagnall Springs.


Walk 3 - Map:

Walk 3 picture


Walk 3 – Passing over the Brook at Pond Bay:

Pond Bay Brook


Walk 3 - Download Full PDF Guide:

PDF Icon Large


Walk 4

Walk 4 - Summary:
3 mile circular walk from Bagnall Village Green, exiting the village via Springs Bank, past the site of an old quarry and proceeding down to the well at Bagnall Springs. Continuing to follow the road, the route passes Spring Bank wood on the right before continuing along Thorney Edge Road past Jackson’s Nurseries, Tea Room and Farm Shop. The route then continues over Blue Brick Bridge, past an old hidden well and through Washgate Meadows. It continues through a wooded area which used to be the site of Matthew’s Nurseries before retracing steps past Bagnall Springs & up Spring Bank to return to the village.


Walk 4 - Map:

Walk 4 picture


Walk 4 – Passing two old wells and reindeer:

Walk 4 passing wells and reindeer


Walk 4 - Download Full PDF Guide:

PDF Icon Large


Walk 5

Walk 5 - Summary:
5 mile circular walk from Bagnall Village Green, existing the village past Bagnall Heights care home, proceeding along the footpath through Light Oaks and turning off through a narrow gap opposite Fowler’s Lane. The route then takes in a couple of miles of country fields, passing the Old Saltway / Monk’s Way, proceeding up past Kerry Hill Farm and through the beautiful Wetley Common. You will then pass through Washgate Meadows, before an opportunity to stop at Jackson’s Nurseries, Tea Room and Farm Shop then follow the road next to Spring Bank Wood & pass Bagnall Springs before returning to the village.


Walk 5 - Map:

Walk 5 picture


Walk 5 – Passing Wetley Moor Common, Washgate Meadow and Jackson’s Nurseries:

Walk 5 Passing Wetley Moor, Washgate and JN


Walk 5 - Download Full PDF Guide:

PDF Icon Large


Useful Information

Start & Finish
All of these walks start and finish at Bagnall Village Green, near Bagnall church.


Footwear & Clothing
Although these walks are on relatively easy footpaths, we do advise the wearing of strong footwear (i.e. good trainers or preferable walking boots) and a weatherproof coat.


Tales of a Bygone Age
Bagnall and the surrounding area is brimming with history and antiquities. In our walking guides, we bring you snippets of history and tales of a bygone age based on book “Bagnall – On the Fringe of the Moorlands” book by Robert Speake and sources from Hanley Reference Library.


The Country Code

  • Enjoy the Country and respect its life and work.
  • Guard against all risk of fire.
  • Fasten all gates.
  • Keep to public footpaths across all farm land.
  • Use gates and stiles to cross field boundaries.
  • Leave all livestock, machinery and crops alone.
  • Take your litter home.
  • Help keep all water clean.
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
  • Make no unnecessary noise.


About Jackson’s Nurseries

Jackson’s Tea Room
Jackson’s Tea Room is a large, cosy tea room is a welcoming haven of delicious food and excellent company. We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a professional level of service. We have an excellent team who are always happy to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. We have a fantastic decked outdoor seating area adjacent to the tea room which offers al fresco dining with views over the garden centre plant area and out toward the Peak District and the Roaches. Our location on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorland is ideal for local walkers and we can provide an excellent pit stop along the way. Take out options are also available.


Lemon sponge cake


Jackson’s Farm Shop
Next to the tea room, you’ll find our family run farm shop, offering a wide variety of personally chosen ranges selected following months of research and testing. We care about where our products are grown or made, buying only from suppliers who we know we can trust. The farm shop was designed to supplement our existing garden centre and tea room to create a more diverse and comprehensive shopping experience for our customers. Whether planning for a family party, fancy a weekend treat or just want to try something different why not come and visit our farm shop to pick up a little something special. We are on the lookout for new, exciting products every day to ensure our offer is the best available.


Jacksons Farm Shop trolley


Jackson’s Nurseries
Jackson’s Nurseries is a traditional, family-run plants nursery on the edge of the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands. Established over 60 years, we pride ourselves on supplying quality plants direct from the grower. We grow the majority of plants on site, supplying plants to a wide range of customers including keen amateur gardeners, garden designers, professional landscapers, schools and local authorities. Our extensive range includes alpine plants, azaleas, bamboo, bare root, climbers, conifers, ferns, fruit trees, grasses, heathers, herb plants, Japanese maple trees, perennials, roses, shrubs, topiary and trees. So whether you’re looking for a winter berrying shrub or a summer flowering climber, we’ve got you covered.


Jacksons Nurseries plants


Interesting Local Features


In Bagnall Village itself you’ll see the Buttercross in the centre of the village green, Bagnall’s 19th Century church and Bagnall Old Hall. The Buttercross if the starting point for all of these walks. Buttercross originally comes from the word “Bartercross”, referring to the place where livestock used to be sold. This particular cross was erected by the monks of the nearby Hulton Abbey. The cross which stands in the church yard over the road is probably the original, since trading often took place in church grounds.


Buttercross Feature


St Chad’s Church
The Village Green is opposite St Chad’s Church, built in the 19th Century of stone and restored in 1879. The nave and the tower were erected in 1834 to replace the previous wooden one. The chancel was added in 1880. Inside the tower over the door are written the Ten Commandments. On the opposite wall are the Lord’s Prayer and Creed. The Church boasts just one bell dating back to the 16th Century. The East window is of French glass from Amens, placed in the Church in 1883 by Rev Owen who is buried in the Church yard. The Ministry was serve by the Curate from Newcastle under Lyme in 1751. It has been run by a team ministry since 1980.


St Chads Church Feature


Bagnall Old Hall
Before leaving the village green on one of these routes, take a moment to stop a while to view Bagnall Old Hall, the large house directly opposite. John Murall, the High Sheriff of Staffordshire lived here. He was knighted in 1631 by King Charles I. The story goes that he was kidnapped and held to ransom for £300 by Bonnie Prince Charlie on his way to Derby from Leek.


Bagnall Old Hall Feature Image


Bagnall Springs
Beautiful traditional stone well dating back to 1816, near a traditional cobbled ford over the road. This is a great spot for a break and to take photos of the well and passing brook, perfectly nestled in the dip next to Spring Bank wood. The well is made of large ashlar blocks with a mono-pitched slab roof. It has an elliptical arch over on scrolled corbelled imposts and inscribed over in a recessed panel: "A.D. PUBLIC WEL S.H.S.H. 1816" "REFIXED 1891".


Bagnall Springs Feature Image



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