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Browse our full range of trees by variety including alder trees, beech, birch, cherry blossom trees, cotoneaster standards, crab apple trees, hawthorn, maple trees, oak, sorbus and willow trees. Trees are distinct from shrubs in that their elongated branches and foliage are raised clear of the ground by the trunk. They are generally taller than herbaceous and shrubby plants with either evergreen leaves that remain all year-round or deciduous leaves that take on beautiful autumnal colours before being shed to the ground before the trees' dormant period. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes with leaves that can be broad, narrow or needle-like, delicate or tough, smooth or hairy, lobed or entire and simple or compounded. The bark of trees given them a thick waterproof covering that protects the living tissue inside.

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35-40 litre pot * (110-120cm STEM)

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