Slow growing bamboo plants

Shop our range of comparatively slower growing bamboo plants, perfect for bringing lush foliage, movement, style and panache to any planting scheme in a smaller, more manageable package than faster growing bamboo varieties. These architectural beauties have hollow evergreen stems (sometimes called “culms”) with a slightly tropical, architectural appearance, at home both in oriental style gardens and general border and container displays. Bamboo plants come in two main forms: clumping bamboo and running bamboo. Clumping bamboos such as Fargesia spread more slowly - the growth pattern of their underground rhizomes is to expand the root area gradually, similar to ornamental grasses. Running bamboos like Phyllostachys (not in this section) on the other hand, can be extremely vigorous, making them well suited for a hedge that will bulk out quickly to create a long windbreak. Pleioblastus viridistriatus (auricomus) and Shibataea kumasaca are running bamboos, included in this section because they are smaller growers, scarcely reaching over 1.5 metres tall. You may still want to install an impenetrable barrier around the roots of these running varieties, or be prepared to root prune them – see our guide to bamboo plants for more information.

In stock
5-7 Litre Pot
In stock
5-7 Litre Pot
Buy Pleioblastus viridistriatus (auricomus) online from Jacksons Nurseries
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2-3 Litre Pot
Buy Shibataea kumasaca online from Jacksons Nurseries
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2 Litre Pot

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