Please Note: Delivery timeframe is approximately 3 weeks.

Please Note: Delivery timeframe is approximately 3 weeks

Running bamboo plants

Running bamboos spread by independent, horizontal underground stems from which aerial canes develop. It's not unusual for these underground stems to extend and shoot up another cane 60-80cm away from the original planting site. This means their roots need to be contained to prevent them from spreading aggressively and colonising parts of the garden you didn't want them to. Running bamboos grow to their mature height quickly and spread aggressively. Some will reach up to 8 metres whilst others top out at under 1 metre making them useful for ground cover. You'll need to contain the roots (easiest option, in our view) or undertake twice annual root pruning.

The new canes of running bamboos typically grow 90cm to 1.5 metres taller each year until it reaches it's eventual height. All varieties of running bamboo are very hardy and should have no issues in any parts of the UK. In exposed locations leaves may become scorched by the wind but it takes a lot for running bamboos to be taken out completely. Running bamboo plants are great for forming a windproof hedge or screen. If you use them for container-growing you'll need a pot or planter this is very strong and should be prepared to lift, divide and re-pot every 2-3 years. Running bamboos provide the look many people want from their bamboos and with proper containment can be a joy to grow.

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