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Mahonia aquifolium Bare Root

Mountain grape from 61p each

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At a Glance

A medium sized, evergreen, prickly shrub bearing dense clusters of yellow flowers in the spring. During autumn and winter it produces black fruits providing a vital source of food for birds, and the leaves also take on hues of purples.

Mahonia is closely related to Berberis, but with larger, bolder leaves. The flowers are often followed by small fruits which are much loved by birds. These shrubs are not fussy about soil and all are happiest in shade, partial or otherwise, and do best in a site sheltered from cold winds. They are relatively slow-growing. Once planted, they need no further care, apart from the occasional removal of dead wood.

For protection from pests consider Shrub Shelters

Bare Root is usually available for pre-order mid-October, dispatching between early November and late March. Exact dates vary year to year depending on the weather. We cannot guarantee availability for a certain date at the beginning or end of the season.

Important Bare Root Care

As soon as you receive your bare root plants place the items upright in a bucket of clean water immediately leaving them for at least 2 hours. Only take plants out as you need them for planting.

Bare root plants must always be planted with wet roots, it’s not good enough to plant them dry and water them after planting.
Bare root plants should only be planted in good quality, free draining soil to the level they have been grown at nursery. Always make sure they are ‘healed in’ well and watered immediately after plating and whenever there are 3 or more days of dry weather, in particularly hot periods you may need to water daily during the first year.

Q: When is bare root season?

A: Our bare root season usually runs from November to March but it can depend on the weather conditions, we'd always recommend buying at the end of autumn rather than waiting for spring.


Q: Does the plant size include the roots?

A: No, all bare root plant sizes quoted exclude the roots.


Q: What size plants will I receive?

A: Stock size varies through the season, our 'Plant Size' are give as a guide and you will receive plants somewhere in that range. We are unable to specify exactly how tall the plants will be within that range.


Q: How old will the plants be?

A: Most of our 'Plant Sizes' include the age of the plant, this is shown as a sum e.g. 1+2 which in this case would indicate that the plants are 3 years old. The first number is how long the plant has spent in the seedbed and the second is the number of year it has spent lined out in the field. Where the sum starts with a 0+ this indicates that the plants were grown from a rooted cutting.


Q: Can I get a discount for bulk purchases?

A: We offer a discount banding on bare root plants making them cheaper the more you buy, see the table on each page for details of the price within each band.


Q: Do I need canes?

A: Bamboo canes are perfect for giving young saplings, hedging plants, climbers and other tall shrubs the support they need when they start to establish. Unless you are planting in a completely sheltered spot with very little chance of wind then we would always recommend using a cane for support.


Q: Do I need rabbit guards?

A: Spiral Rabbit Guards are the most popular, low cost tree protection for young saplings, seedlings, transplants and hedging plants from browsing animals such as voles, mice, rabbits and hares. Spiral Rabbit Guards have the ability to grow and expand with the growing tree, providing a sheltered environment for the tree. It's hard to say for certain if you will require the extra protection a rabbit guard provides, if your are aware of a particular pest problem in your planting location then we would recommend using them. Rabbit Guards are not suitable for 'evergreens' please see 'Shrub Shelters' for a suitable evergreen protection method.


Q: What is a shrub/tree shelter?

A: Shrub/Tree Shelters are similar to rabbit guards but are designed for use on evergreens that would sweat and die in rabbit guards. We supply shrub/tree shelters as a kit which includes the shelter, 1 Stake and 2 cable ties, one kit is required per plant.


Q: Do I need shrub/tree shelters?

A: If you are aware of any specific pest problems in your planting area then we would recommend using a shrub/tree shelter to give your young trees or hedging plants that extra protection.

Spiral Rabbit Guards are the most popular, low cost tree protection for young saplings, seedlings, transplants and hedging plants from browsing animals...
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Our 'Shrub Shelters' are sold as a kit which includes 1x Shrub Shelter (H-60cm DIA-130/160mm, 1 Stake (25x25x900mm) & 2x Cable Ties...
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Our 'Tree Shelters' are sold as a kit which includes 1x Tree Shelter (H-60cm DIA-73/105cm), 1 Stake (25x25x900mm), 2x Cable Ties. Tree...
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Bamboo canes, each cane is 90cm in length. Perfect for giving your young saplings, hedging plants, climbers and other tall shrubs the support they need when...
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Ready to use Helps build soil fertility Encourages strong, healthy growth Increases crop yield Nutrient Content -...
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Westland Bonemeal is a natural, slow release, organic plant food that is ideal for trees and shrubs. It promotes strong and healthy rooting as well as...
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