Topiary spiral plants

The spiral is a classic topiary shape, oozing style, grandeur and sophistication. Topiary spirals make a great addition to your outdoor space, particularly in more formal style gardens. Spiral topiary is carefully shaped to produce its iconic, neat, twisted form. And like Cadbury’s Celebrations – one is rarely enough! Spiral style is one of the types of topiary that has come back into fashion in recent years, generally using dense, small-leaved evergreens such as box plants (Buxus Sempervirens) and Japanese holly (Ilex crenata). They can be used in similar ways to topiary cones and pyramids, working well either side of a doorway or entrance, particularly when set off against a contrasting backdrop such as brick or stone. They also make a great standalone feature or focal point for your outdoor space and can be combined with softer plants such as grasses and perennials to create a contrast in shape and texture. They should be clipped once or twice a year to preserve their shape and maintain a compact, dense growth habit. The best time to clip is in mid-June when the leaves are hardened and not likely to suffer from bruising. We pride ourselves on offering topiary that has been carefully maintained and hand-trimmed to deliver the best specimens.

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