Viburnum plants

Viburnum are a diverse group of wonderful, hardy, evergreen or deciduous shrubs providing year-round interest with beautiful flowers, attractive veined foliage and autumn fruits. They are a haven for wildlife with their nectar-rich flowers and nutritious berries and provide shelter for a variety of garden birds including robins, thrushes and blackbirds. Viburnums can be divided into three basic groups, each with one or more garden favourites: the winter-flowering group including Viburnum tinus; the spring-flowering group such as Viburnum Burkwoodii and the autumn berry/leaf colour group including Viburnum Davidii. They are versatile bushes with varieties suitable for ground cover, screening, specimen plantings and for growing in groups in the shrub or mixed border. Garden designers often turn to Viburnum plants for problem areas, such as particularly wet, dry or shady spots of the garden. Most viburnums have a spreading growth habit and deciduous varieties boast stunning burgundy autumn foliage colours. All are easy to grow and will succeed on chalky soil.

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