Please Note: Delivery timeframe is approximately 3 weeks.

Please Note: Delivery timeframe is approximately 3 weeks

Shrubs by variety

Browse our full range of shrubs by variety from aucuba, berberis, buddleia and camellia to syringa, viburnum, vinca and weigela. Shrubs form the foundation of most gardens and planting schemes, adding shape and structure in addition to a wide range of ornamental features. They are a highly varied and versatile group, distinguished from trees by their multiple stems and shorter height. When looking for shrubs, consider whether you want evergreen or deciduous specimens and try to incorporate a mix of varieties that have seasonal features such as flowers, berries, fruit, attractive bark or vibrant foliage at different times of the year into your borders. Shrubs have a huge array of uses: cotoneaster makes excellent ground cover plants; bushy varieties like laurel and holly are useful for hedging; varieties with nectar-rich flowers and berries will attract wildlife into your garden; and evergreen leafy shrubs with compact foliage like Buxus can be maintained as topiary.

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