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Perennials by variety

Browse our full range of perennial plants by variety for secure online ordering and delivery to anywhere in the UK. All our perennials are UK grown, grown on at our Staffordshire nursery at over 200 metres above sea level to produce hardy, resilient plants. Most of our perennials are supplied in 2 litre pots, significantly larger and better established than smaller plants in plugs or 9cm pots offered by some other nurseries. Our range includes favourites such as aster, bergenia, dahlia plants, delphiniums, coneflowers, geraniums, heuchera, primula and rudbeckia. For informal, cottage garden schemes consider foxglove, poppy plants, salvia or veronica. The seasonality of most perennials means they are best combined with evergreen shrubs so as to avoid empty spaces being left over the winter. Whichever perennial you choose, remember to incorporate plenty of organic matter when planting and keep it well watered during periods of dry weather.

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