Sasa and Sasaella bamboo plants

Commonly known as Japanese bamboo, Sasa and Sasaella are small to mid-sized evergreen bamboos with a loose, spreading growth habit and tropical, naturalistic appearance. They form a thicket of erect stems from rapidly-spreading rhizomes with broad leaves, often turning creamy-brown at the tips and margins in winter, creating a variegated effect. Their solid mass of foliage is suitable for using as groundcover or incorporating into a Japanese-styled garden. Perfect for using as a low hedge, they do best in areas that get some shade from the hottest afternoon sun. As with all running bamboos, you'll need to contain the roots (easiest in our view) or undertake twice annual root pruning to prevent it from becoming invasive. Sasa and Sasaella can be grown in large pots – you’ll just need to thin out straggly canes and be prepared to re-pot every 3-5 years to prevent overcrowding and keep them looking fresh. You may find our guides on how to plant, grow and care for bamboo and the differences between clump forming and running bamboo useful.

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