Phyllostachys bamboo plants

Phyllostachys is a fast-growing, running bamboo, perfect for growing within a root barrier to create a dense and fast-growing hedge or screen. It is easily identifiable by the prominent grooves, called sulcus, which run along the length of each segment of the canes. They’ll provide a year-round privacy screen with a distinctive, exotic appearance, bringing a jungle feeling to your outdoor space. Unlike trees, the stems of bamboo emerge from the ground at their full diameter with high quality bamboo being stronger than steel. Phyllostachys comes from the Greek phyllon meaning leaf and stachys meaning spike. Some of the most popular varieties are golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) and black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra). Running bamboos grow to their mature height quickly and spread aggressively with some varieties of Phyllostachys reaching up to 8 metres tall. You'll need to contain the roots (easiest in our view) or undertake twice annual root pruning. See our guides on how to grow and care for bamboo plants and how to grow bamboo in containers for more details.

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