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Alpines originate from areas with high altitude regions that feature with good drainage and generally located above the local tree lines. As a result of this, they are tolerant of cold weather, dry winters, plenty of direct sunlight and even being covered with snow for long periods at a time. It is common to find many different species of alpine growing together, completely in harmony creating an interesting and diverse display of foliage and flower.

A rock garden or small rockery is an ideal location to plant alpines however they are equally content in containers or pots and can be used to create stunning low maintenance blocks of colour in or around gardens of any size. 

Popular alpine choices include Arabis for its shape and delicate flowers on stems, Aubrieta which trails and spreads quickly and creates a sea of colour when in flower, Saxifrage which is able to grow almost anywhere including amongst rocks and Sedums with their interesting succulent foliage.


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