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Sheffield is a city flush with trees, about 4 to every 1 person, and even though it is situated within the Peak District, it could be difficult to find a Christmas tree for the festive season. Situated in Staffordshire Moorlands, next to the Peak District, Jackson’s Nurseries could have the perfect Christmas tree delivered to your home within a matter of days.

Using our favoured courier service, Fedex, we can deliver Christmas trees throughout all of Sheffield, including Ecclesall, Greenhill, Owlthorpe, Birley, Fir Vale, Highfield, the City Centre, Tinsley, Fulwood, Mosborough, Stannington and Handsworth, to name a few. You can purchase a healthy, fresh tree through our secure website, safe in the knowledge that we will deliver your tree in the safest way possible, using our tried and tested packaging technique.


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At Jackson's, you can pre order your Christmas tree, taking the hassle out of shopping for your Christmas tree, as well as giving you the chance to plan ahead. By ordering your tree through us, you can choose the day (Tuesday - Friday throughout December) that it gets delivered to your home in Sheffield. But how to pick the correct tree for your home? We have a wide selection here at Jackson’s and to make it easier to pick, we have pulled together a handy Christmas tree size guide.


Measuring up


Christmas tree height

  • Consider the height of the room, then think about the fairy on top! Make sure that you leave enough room for the all-important decoration at the top of your tree.
  • The most popular size for homes and offices is usually between 5-6 feet / 150-180cm.
  • A 6-7 foot (180-210cm) tree is the maximum height we recommend for a room that is 8ft floor to ceiling.


8-9 ft Nordmann


Christmas tree breadth

  • Though it is industry-wide to measure by height only, we recommend considering the breadth also – is it suitable for a narrow hallway, or will it get lost in a big entrance way?
  • Typically, the taller the tree the bushier and wider at the base.
  • Different varieties of trees offer different shapes:

1)    Nordmann Fir trees have a wide base – perfect to accommodate lots of presents
2)    Norway Spruce trees have a base, though it is more triangular in shape
3)    Serbian Spruce trees have a more slender shape, lending itself well to smaller homes, porches or corridors

  • Whilst Christmas tree branches are flexible, squashing your tree on one side to fit a smaller space may cause your tree to be unstable and topple over.


6-7 ft Nordmann (bronze)


A few extra tips

  • The average British ceiling is 8ft.
  • Sizes are quoted from the base to the tip of the tree.
  • Most Christmas tree stands will add about 6 inches onto the overall height of the tree.
  • Measure the space you wish to put your tree.
  • Avoid buying taller than you need – you may end up having to cut part of the tree off and losing that wonderful Christmas tree shape.


Tree star and stand


Contact us for more advice
If you have any questions about the heights and sizes of our trees, or on any other topic, feel free to contact us Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm. We'd be happy to help.



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