Christmas Tree Stands

You’ve found your perfect Christmas tree, now you need to find the right tree stand for putting it up. It is essential that you give your tree plenty of water and care – think of it like a fresh bunch of flowers, needing a constant supply of water and the right conditions to ensure longevity. When you first get your tree home we suggest that you saw an inch off from the base of the tree to get maximum absorption and ensure that there is no sap hindering your tree from soaking up the water, then store in a bucket of water over the first 24 hours. Keep your tree thoroughly hydrated until you are ready to place it in situ, ready for decorating.

A rule of thumb is that a Christmas tree can absorb up to 1 litre of water for every inch of diameter of the trunk per day – a 2-inch trunk could result in up to 2 litres being absorbed per day – you will need a stand to accommodate for this. We have a selection of Christmas tree stands available. You could opt for the more traditional metal stand, allowing you to place your tree in whichever pot you choose, or you could opt for one of our painted wooden boxes – a great, fuss-free way to present your tree and keep it hydrated.

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