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Christmas tree delivery to London

With London's population at nearly 9 million people, it's not surprisingly that it makes good hunting grounds for Christmas tree retailers who try to charge a hefty premium for trees that are often sub-par compared to what's available online and from nurseries elsewhere in the UK. By ordering online from Jackson's Nurseries you can buy direct from the grower and secure a healthy, fresh tree nurtured in the Staffordshire Moorlands on the edge of the beautiful peak district. Save yourself the trouble of venturing out in the traffic to find your nearest Christmas tree market (or embarrassment of trying to haul a 6ft tree onto the tube to the frustration of your fellow passengers!) by ordering through our secure website for delivery to any London address by Fedex courier on a day of your choosing. We've been growing Christmas trees for three generations and sending our trees to all parts of the UK for over 15 years. Our tried and tested packaging technique will ensure your tree arrives looking as fresh and healthy as when it was when dug and shipped from our nursery.


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For your piece of mind we've shared the key steps we follow to harvest our Christmas trees and package and fulfil online orders below.


Our Christmas Tree Harvest


1) We plant new saplings and young trees in our Christmas tree fields every year to replace the stock sold each festive season. The growing fields support a large ecology of wildlife by offering a fantastic, safe haven for birds, insects and small mammals that seek shelter and food amongst the growth.


Planting young Christmas tree in back fields


We plant Christmas trees as ‘draw trees’ with native trees in between. As the Christmas trees are harvested, we leave the native species on some part of the Christmas tree growing area to develop into native English woodland.


Christmas trees growing in back fields


2) Our trees are cut or dug fresh on a regular basis each year to ensure the tree you receive is fresh and healthy. Our trees are grown at 750ft above sea level which delivers hardy specimens, so if you're buying a root balled tree with the intention of planting it outdoors after Christmas it'll stand the best chance (60% success rate).


Cutting down Christmas tree

Carrying cut Christmas tree out of field


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3) We know that part of the fun of selecting your own tree is personally ensuring it is exactly what you are looking for. When you place an order with us, our experienced nursery staff will carefully select your tree making sure it is fresh, health and meets any requirement you've indicated in the notes to your order. We regularly replenish the stock on our garden centre so there are always plenty of fine specimens of all types, shapes and sizes for our internet pickers to choose from.


Norway Spruce trees on garden centre



Ordering your Christmas tree online from Jackson's Nurseries


4) Place your order online through our secure website. We offer a wide selection of trees for delivery to anywhere in the UK on a day of your choosing (Tuesday to Friday in December). You can place your order in advance then relax with the piece of mind that we will take care of everything for you.


Real Nordmann Fir Online Order Page


Our selection includes the low needle drop Nordmann Fir, traditional Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce and table-top Alberta White Spruce. We are more than happy for you to put specific requirements (e.g. bushy or broad based) in the notes to your order so we can pick the perfect tree for you. We've even put together a handy guide on different types of real Christmas trees to help you choose.


Buy Real Christmas Trees - Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana) online at Jacksons Nurseries

Real Nordmann Fir
Christmas Trees

Buy Real Christmas Trees - Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) online at Jacksons Nurseries

Real Norway Spruce
Christmas Trees

Buy Real Christmas Trees - Serbian Spruce (Picea Omorika) online at Jacksons Nurseries

Real Serbian Spruce
Christmas Trees

Buy Real Christmas Trees - Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca var Alberta) online at Jacksons Nurseries

View all Real Christmas Trees


5) Our Christmas tree pickers will scour the wide range of freshly cut trees on our garden centre to find the perfect one for you.


Garden centre entrance

Norway Spruce tress on garden centre 2


6) We try to use as little packaging as possible to avoid suffocating the tree while making sure we do not compromise on the safety and quality of your tree while in transit. As the first stage in the packaging process we will carefully net your tree to hold the branches upwards and ensure it has a safe journey by courier on the way to your chosen address.


Netting a Christmas tree Chris

Netting a Christmas tree Chris 2


7) We run a thick cane through the centre of the tree to help keep the parcel secure.


Cane run through centre of tree package


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8) Then secure the branches at the base and laterals at the top of your tree using strong garden twine


Securing branches and trunk with twine

Securing branches and trunk with twine 2


9) Your tree is carefully wrapped into a plastic sleeve ready for its next-day delivery.


Wrapping tree in plastic

Wrapping tree in plastic 2


10) And secured at both ends using cable ties (we hope you have a good knife or scissors ready at home to open this when it arrives!)


Securing package with cable ties


11) Nearly ready to go...


Christmas tree package nearly ready to go


12) Our web sales team will print the postage label for your tree using our preferred courier, Fedex


Printing Fedex postage label


13) Useful information to be included with your Important Shipping documents is printed, for example advice on how to plant your root balled tree out after Christmas if you're buying a dug rather than a cut tree.


Useful information included in shipping documents


14) The shipping label and important information is appended to your tree parcel ready for dispatch


Appending postage label to Christmas tree parcel


15) Last but not least, your tree is collected from our Staffordshire garden centre by our preferred courier, Fedex, shipped to you overnight and delivered to your door the next day.


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Delivery to London on a date of your choosing


Contact Us for Advice

  • All types of Christmas trees mentioned in this article can be purchased from our Christmas trees page.
  • We know choosing the right tree can be a bit confusing at times, so we're here to help. Feel free to contact us at sales@jacksonsnurseries.co.uk or on 01782 502741 Monday to riday 8am to 4:30pm if you have any questions.


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