Tree Size Guide

A common question we are often asked is what is a 'Half-standard' or 'Standard' tree? We sell trees in a variety of sizes and forms so we've put together this short guide to help you better understand some of the common terms we used when selling trees.


Tree Definitions


Tree Shrub icon

1. Shrub

The main stem is only usually 10cm (4”) at most and will not grow further in height but the girth will grow. The head of the plant will continue to fill out with the overall size of the head varying dependent of plant type.


Tree quarter standard

2. Quarter-standard (QS)

A tree with a single stem with clear trunk that is below 1.2m (4ft) is referred to as a quarter-standard.


Tree half standard

3. Half-standard (HS)

A tree with a single stem with clear trunk between 1.2m – 1.5m (4ft – 5ft) is referred to as a half-standard.


Tree standard

4. Standard (Std)

A tree with a single stem with clear trunk at least 1.8m (6ft) is referred to as a Standard. Some standard trees may have 4m+ trunks such as those that line roadsides, depending on the type of tree these may have been pruned or may naturally drop their lower branches as they grow.


Tree Feathered

5. Feathered (Fth)

A tree with single stem that has branches breaking from just above the bottom of the main trunk is referred to as feathered. 


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