The Best Winter Flowering Heathers (Erica)

When you think about heather it no doubt conjures visions of rolling hills and moors blanketed with stunning hues of purples, reds and whites. These amazing colours are produced by the flowers which, depending on the genus, appear over winter or summer.
We will focus on the best ‘Erica’ variety heathers which flower in spectacular fashion over the winter months. This creates breath-taking oceans of colour when planted in groups which contrasts against the duller winter palette.
Erica’s are low growing evergreen plants which are easy to grow and manage. They typically produce needle like leaves and racemes of bell shaped flowers from early winter onwards. They are low maintenance, disease free once established and produce amazing winter colour year after year.
Erica carnea f. aureifolia 'Foxhollow'
Erica 'Foxhollow' is an extremely colourful variety of heather. In early winter it produces bountiful blooms of pale pink and purple flowers that last until early spring. New foliage emerges with needle like leaves that are a bright yellow-green colour with a copper tip. The leaves then mature over the course of the year into stunning oranges and reds for the winter period.  
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Erica carnea 'Pink Spangles'

‘Pink Spangles’ is an evergreen Erica that has won the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. It begins to produce light green flower buds in late summer which open in early winter into rose-pink flowers which darken as they age and last until the beginning of spring. The foliage is a consistent mid green colour all year round which creates a perfect canvas for its delicately coloured flowers.

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Erica carnea 'Vivellii'

‘Vivellii’ is an RHS ‘Award of Garden Merit’ winning Erica with distinctive eye catching pink-purple flowers throughout the winter months lasting in some cases into early spring.  New foliage is rich dark green at first but gradually matures into a stunning dark bronzy red in time for winter. This constant colour change makes for excellent garden interest all year round.

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Erica x darleyensis 'Darley Dale'

Erica x darleyensis 'Darley Dale' is a more delicate variety of heather with clusters of pretty lilac pink blooms appearing in winter and lasting until early spring. After this flowering period is over the existing mid green foliage takes on an unusual pink and white tip helping to really stand out from the crowd.

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Erica x darleyensis f. albiflora 'White Perfection'

‘White Perfection’ is a popular, strong growing heather. It produces masses of brilliant pure white flowers that stand out against the foliage from mid to late winter. Beautiful bright green foliage spreads fast and low developing a yellow tip in spring which provides further colour interest after the flowering period.

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Erica x darleyensis 'Ghost Hills'

‘Ghost Hills’ is an excellent ground cover heather with its vigorous spreading growth habit. It produces an abundance of light purple flowers from mid-winter which can last through to the middle of spring. This allows for a seamless display of colour if planted among spring flowering plants. Bright green foliage brightens up the garden year round.

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Erica x darleyensis 'Kramer's Rote'
'Kramer's Rote' is an award winning variety we highly recommend. A notable feature of this particular variety is its unique flower colour when compared to other Erika’s. It flowers profusely with stunning magenta-red bell shaped flowers in winter that are guaranteed to stand out. It creates a matt of dark green foliage that carries a bronzed hue all over creating interesting groundcover all year round.
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Erica x darleyensis 'Silberschmelze'

Erica x darleyensis 'Silberschmelze' is a vigorous, dwarf evergreen variety. In early December it begins to flower with masses of pure ashen white flowers that last until May creating a superb display. Needle shaped leaves with a dark green colour last throughout the year. The foliage is then highlighted in spring with rich cream tips that continue to add interest once the flowering period is over.

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