Deutzia plants

Deutzia plants are compact, deciduous shrubs grown for their attractive clusters of single or double flowers which clothe the entire bush in shades of white to pale purple in early summer. Succeeding in partial shade, Deutzia are a useful shrub for smaller gardens, rarely reaching more than 1.5 metres tall and wide. They form a mound of light-green leaves on arching branches that give them a weeping or cascading appearance with some varieties boasting beautiful red and orange autumn foliage colour. Their bare stems are ornamental during the winter too with bark that peels back to reveal a reddish-orange colour underneath. Mainly native to China and Asia, Deutzia are easy to grow, pest and disease free and tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, providing it is not excessively wet. Named in honour of Dutch plant hunting patron, Johann van der Deutz, they should be pruned each year after flowering to keep them looking their best.

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