Miniature roses

Miniature roses are true roses that have been bred selectively to maintain their small size, typically of between 30-45cm (1-1.5 feet) tall. They're excellent, bushy plants with prettily formed flowers in a wide range of colours spanning whites, yellows, oranges, peach, pinks and reds. The flowers are smaller than hybrid teas and floribunda roses, in-keeping with their more petite appearance. Miniature roses are well suited to growing at the front of mixed or dedicated rose borders or as low edging plants. They're also perfect for containers or window boxes where they can be brought closer to eye level and truly valued and appreciated.

Consider growing multiple varieties side by side to create waves of colour in interesting patterns through the garden. Miniature roses were initially popular in the Victoria times. They fell out of fashion but have seen a resurgence more recently, particularly given the quality of new varieties that have been bred. Be sure to grow them in a sunny position, add some organic matter when planting and cover with a layer of mulch. Deadhead faded flowers regularly to encourage a continuous flush of fresh blooms. Water regularly, particularly if growing in containers, as they will dry out more quickly.

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