Roses for front of a house

Growing a rose up the front of your house can not only make your home look and feel more beautiful, but also increase the value of your property. Nothing beats a climbing rose in full bloom elegantly clothing the front wall, enhancing your home with stunning blooms and a fabulous fragrance. A bit of planning and preparation is key to make it a success. Make sure you accurately estimate the height you want the climbing rose to grow and match it up to the eventual height and spread of the roses you consider on our website.

Keep in mind that climbing roses grow by winding or twining around their support structure - they are not self-clinging so will need to be attached to the wall with the help of a trellis or wires strained across the wall surface. The bigger the area you want to rose to spread over, the more expansive your support system or wires or trellis will need to be. Keep in mind practicalities too - the thought of a house clothed with roses right up to the eaves may be very appealing, but the practical reality of having to climb a tall ladder to tie in the stems each year may not be something you're prepared to do. We usually find growing roses up the front of a house to a height of around 3 metres or 10 feet tends to work well for most people.

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