Thyme plants

Thyme is a versatile, evergreen perennial herb with distinctive, aromatic foliage in a range of colours and long-lasting, white, pink or lilac-coloured flowers in the summer. It can be grown in the herb garden, patio containers, on a windowsill, gravel garden or even cracks in paving. Thyme require full sun and a free-draining soil - originating from the Mediterranean, they prefer a low nutrient soil with minimal moisture. They can be harvested all-year round, although the best time to pick is in early summer, when the plants are most productive, before flowering.

Thyme has been part of a chef's arsenal for centuries, mainly used in soups, to add flavour to fish dishes, stuffing mixes, stews and grilled meats and vegetables. Easy to grow, pest and disease free and drought tolerant, it has also been used for medicinal purposes as far back as Egyptian times. Thyme flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies, so it'll help in attracting wildlife to your garden too. Add grit when planting, cut back thyme after flowering and protect in winter.

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Buy Thymus vulgaris online from Jackson's Nurseries.
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